MUP 078 – Leave the Mythos, Take the Cannoli

Download the Episode MUP_078_Leave_the_Mythos_Take_the_Cannoli_800In episode 78, Dan, Jon and Murph load up their typewriter drums and tighten the screws on organized crime and the Mythos.

Campus Crier

Atomic-Age Cthulhu Fiction has been released! A print edition of Cthulhu Through the Ages is now available. Chaosium has released an “Enhanced Horror on the Orient Express Download.”
We just added files to this download so that you can load the core game books onto your iPad or Kindle and resize the text. In addition, we added two booklets of hi-resolution Player Maps and Keeper Maps, added a 1923 Calendar, and replaced the European Route Map and the Air Routes Map with ones of high resolution as well. With this purchase you receive the following items in the indicated formats. If you previously purchased the Horror on the Orient Express PDF you should be able to log into you account, go to the COMPLETED ORDERS section, and download the files.
The Bundle of GUMSHOE is almost done! Night’s Black Agents, Ashen Stars, Mutant City Blues, and more! Strange alien-like life zones found beneath Antarctic glacier – Dust off your Lovecraft and your Laundry Files, then detour to Mars Antarctica’s Mysterious ‘Blood Falls’ Explained In New Study – via Huffington Post There is a moon in the Firefly ‘Verse called Hastur. It’s a moon of Beaumonde in the Kalidasa system. More here.

E-Mail Feedback

Keeper Kent:
Hey Keepers! Thanks for answering my question on episode 77! Concerning Analysis Paralysis, I had an interesting moment of it mid-combat during a recent session. I was running “The Haunting” for my new group and they had reached the Floating Dagger portion of the scenario. My players took turns taking damage from dagger for three rounds. Fortunately for them, I was rolling crap for damage. Well, after one player took the dagger for the third time, I realized they had no clue what to do other than slowly die. To break the paralysis, I gave one of the players an Idea Roll. Luckily he passed and I told him the best time to grab the knife might be while it is wedged in his partner’s back. Things went better after this. You guys talked in the main topic about dream settings. I immediately thought of a place in my neck of the woods: Mammoth Cave. I’m sure a cave system could be problematic, but one of this size could have a lot of hidden horrors. Plus, the cave system is here in Kentucky so there is potential for crazy hillbillies. I’m wanting to bring a Hound of Tindalos into a game soon to use as a kind of curse on a character. I think it would inspire paranoia and a sense of coming dread. Are there any scenarios that use the Hounds? Or do any of you have any thoughts on using a Hound? Congrats on meeting your funding goals on Joyride! I hope I can clear up some money to throw a little your way. In the meantime, I will tell people about the show. Keep of the good work! Keeper Kent
Assorted mentions during the Crier: Plan 9 From Halloween The Descent As Above, So Below We have a great feature at the end of the show that is a recording of an orientation for the Laundry organization from Keeper Ant UK. It’s too long to insert here, but it’s a lot of fun so stay tuned after the leadout bumper.

Cryptocurium Spotlight

The June Parcel of Terror has been announced! Contents: “At the Mountains of Madness” Wall Plaque (Fragment 1) Dracula Sticker – A high quality pearl finish die cut sticker of Dracula from the classic Universal Monster film. Produced from original artwork “Winifred Sanderson” Spell Book Page– A recreation of a page torn from the grimoire of the eccentric Salem witch, Winifred Sanderson. Printed on high quality parchment paper. Chucky Magnet– “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” The fifth in our series of exclusive “slasher magnets” available ONLY through the Parcel of Terror. “Jigsaw Piece of Flesh” Pin– The “Jigsaw Killer” would carve jigsaw shaped pieces of flesh from the bodies of victims that failed his test. This was meant to represent the piece of the “human puzzle” each victim was missing. Cast in solid resin Mystery Candy Item

Main Topic

Organized crime and the mythos. The published adventures are full of crooks and gangsters, and it’s often a popular investigator career choice. Crooks and rum-runners are up at all hours of the night, operating in lonely places. Smugglers hide out in old tunnels and making odd contacts. What does a mob hit man do when his target is a deathless shaman? What happens when the mob turns to the mythos for aid in furthering their capabilities? What about mobsters as uneasy allies to more law-abiding investigators in fighting mythos threats? Links to stuff we mentioned: Ghouls of the Miskatonic: Book One of The Dark Waters Trilogy King of Chicago (on YSDC) King of Chicago (on DriveThruRPG) Missed Dues and Other Adventures Diehard Game Fan Review of the 7th Edition Keeper’s Screen Pack  Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums!]]>

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