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Download the episode MUP_077-Feedback_Paralysis_800In Episode 77, Dan, Murph and Jon chat about breaking past Analysis Paralysis, from both player and Keeper perspectives. Then we pontificate on books we’d like to see available in the Mythos gaming sphere. Plus there’s some news in the Crier, and lots of listener feedback! This episode was recorded on April 19, 2015.

Campus Crier

  •  Casablanca – “Miskatonic GraffitiIn case the title doesn’t make it a dead giveaway, Miskatonic Graffiti, the newest LP by the neo-classic rock outfit Casablanca, is a concept album. Not only that, the band describes it as “Ziggy Stardust meets H.P. Lovecraft in Twin Peaks.”

E-Mail Feedback!-

Hi, guys. Good to hear your riffs on the Commonplace Book entries. As WinstonP mentioned on the forums, others have also used the CB for ideas.  I have a small catalog of them at, which includes artwork as well as fiction. As for name-checking Eibon, in my 1998 bibliography and concordance, I found 63 separate stories mentioning Eibon-the-Wizard (versus the Book of Eibon).  Don’t have an accurate count of what it’s up to today. Chris
Hey Keepers! I just wanted to shoot an email over to let you know I love the podcast. I began by stumbling across the live play feed and eventually turned to the regular podcast. You guys are great and always give out helpful information. It is because of the podcast why I ran my first session of Call of Cthulhu (which is also my first experience with a role playing game period). I ran the opening scenario of “The Thing at the Threshold” because your live play sounded fun and like something I could handle as a new Keeper. The session went well and ended very similar to your live play. Upon seeing the ghost of Peter’s mom (I liked this addition during the live play), one character failed their sanity roll and began hallucinating. Once the Shoggoth formed in the middle of the cellar, the same investigator failed another SAN roll and rolled a 19 on their SAN loss roll. Taking another cue from the live play, I had him essentially begin worshipping the Shoggoth. Unlike Murf’s character, my player did not send his character into the Shoggoth. He did, however, take offense to his fellow player trying to kill his newfound god and filled him with rounds from a Thompson. Oddly enough, both characters survived. One ended up in the asylum and the other lost the use of an arm. A quick question since I am new to the Call to Cthulhu scene: Can you briefly tell me the differences in the different systems (ie Trail of Cthulhu, Delta Green, etc)? So thanks! You guys have helped me find a great new hobby to explore with my board game pals. Keep up the good work and Go Pods! Keeper-In-Training Kent


Bret Kramer (WinstonP) left us a Speakpipe message regarding vampire scenarios. Here’s a link to a journal article about a skeleton found in Connecticut in 1994 that was likely exhumed due to “vampirism” Keeper Ant UK left us a message advising that we may need a health warning for the show. I hope the lady found her dog… He also mentions a UK vampire show called Ultraviolet. Trailer on YouTube Amazon US listing Amazon UK listing

3 new iTunes reviews!-

By johnthenomad from USA on April 2, 2015 Go Pods! I just realized I’ve been listening to this podcast for years… Either time flys when you’re having fun or the Mi-go have altered my perception of time. In any event, this is a fun podcast for anyone who wants news and ideas for horror roleplaying.
By nicolas.afs from Chile on March 29, 2015 Call of Cthulhu RPG mayhem Tug along with Keeper Dan and his gang of MUP keepers for a deep dive into Call of Cthulhu RPG (CoC) and lovecraftiana in general. Each episode has a main topic, catering to the interests of keepers just stepping into CoC and those already hardened by successive campaigns against the Mythos. Get a sense of what is happening around the Lovecraft-interested world with the Campus Crier and enjoy a good time with the Faculty members and their interviewees from different publishing houses. If you are into Lovecraft or into the Call of Cthulhu RPG, then the MUPodcast is your place to be. Go pods!!!
By BardKnight from USA on March 29, 2015 First stop for all things Call of Cthulhu A really enjoyable podcast with all things Call of Cthulhu, as well as a few other general horror and lovecraft related materials. As a total novice to the mythos, this has been a wonderful introduction to them and inspiration for putting together a game of my own.
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 Listener Segment-

Janitor John provides our first new listener recorded segment! John talks about avoiding being a “Tackle Tart”, and using simple tools to help engage with your players.

Side Topic Discussion:

Analysis paralysis — how to break through it. “When in Doubt Have a Man Come Through a Door with a Gun in His Hand” –Raymond Chandler? “Perfect is the enemy of good enough.” –Voltaire?  

Main Topic

What is each host’s dream book or project for horror RPGs that doesn’t already exist. Could be a setting, an era, a campaign, a book of scenarios under a theme, etc.”   Jon – Gothic horror in American revolutionary period, particularly influenced by the comic series Revere. Comic Book Resources page on Revere Archaia page on Revere There’s a new edition of Terror Australis on the way   Murph – High Fantasy RPG with mythos tie in. High Fantasy with SAN loss? Also First Law series by Joe Abercrombie   Dan – More location based source guides for mythos. American North west, Canada, South America, and there’s a LOT of Africa untouched. More future sci-fi mythos gaming There was a mention of Western themed CoC stuff, and we recalled Chaosium’s Devil’s Gulch for BRP and the fiction anthology Frontier Cthulhu.   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums]]>

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