MU Podcast 076 – Wrasslin' with Bloodsucking Monkeys

Download the episode MU_Podcast_076-Wrasslin_with_Bloodsucking_MonkeysIn Episode 76, Dan, Murph and Chad (Jon tried, but the digital gremlins got the best of him) take a bite out of a non-Mythos monster in the latest installment of the Bestiary. We also wrestle with some more new rules in 7th Edition’s combat section. This episode was recorded on April 5, 2015.

Campus Crier

  • An update on the GenCon situation and the boycott of Indiana for passing the “religious freedom” bill:
  • Darkplane: Hmm…a new “horror” setting for 5E D&D, with Lovecraft influences.
  • A couple of interesting articles from Dan Harms about the history of the game and a perceived split between original intent and a period RPG. Call of Cthulhu Where We Went Wrong, Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Sense Impacts by Chad Fifer is awesome. Put it in your ear holes.
  • Darwin Kastle’s “Cthulhu Realms,” a Cthulhu-cartoon card game that shows some promise.
The Rulebook, Investigator Handbook, and Keeper Screen pack are all at print. We are still expecting delivery sometime in May. We’re confident that files for the Rulebook and Investigator Handbook are now clear of typos so are sending these for PDF bookmarking. We will advise you once the files are ready to be downloaded from our site. As mentioned a couple of updates ago, we were not happy with the art for the Weapons and Artifacts Card Deck, so we’ve had all of card illustrations redone. These have all been received now and Nick has been placing the art on the cards. The illustrations, by Marco Morte, show the various damage-dealing implements and Mythos artifacts in use. You can see some examples here.
  • Kansas City Comic Con will be held August 7-9. Keeper Jon will be the Games Coordinator for the con, and was able to get James M. Ward as a gaming guest. Jim Ward was part of the group of guys at the epicenter of the creation of D&D. Jim wrote the original Deities & Demigods book, Metamorphosis Alpha game, and the Gamma World game.

Podcast News

We’ve passed our 3 year anniversary! So many memories… We’ve launched a Joyride campaign for listeners who want to contribute to the show and help keep it going. Also, our downloads page is up and running again. We got a voicemail from forum-goer Storyteller, who suggests topics to cover in future episodes: how to encourage children in gaming, and a request to return to our 6-word scenario building idea from eons ago. Thanks, Storyteller!

Dr. Gerard Lecture – The New England Vampire Panic

This week, we’ve got a new lecture — the first in many weeks — to go with our vampire Bestiary side topic. This week’s lecture topic: Mercy Lena Brown and the New England Vampire Panic. That is not the name of our new shoe-gazer rock band. But it should be. Here’s more about the exhumations from Michael Bell.

Cryptocurium Spotlight

Check out this cool new product from our sponsor: the Cthulhu Idol Magnet. Here are the magnets Dan has from Cryptocurium above his monitor at home: [gallery type="square" link="file" size="medium" ids="3431,3430"]

The Bestiary

Vampires in the Mythos: Joseph Curwen in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. The Shunned House has a life-draining thing in it. The Outsider has the narrator discovering that he is a living corpse. The Hound features a pair of grave robbers stumbling upon a curious skeleton which comes back to life and takes revenge. (Skeleton vampire? Let’s call this an edge case.) Vampires in gaming: Night’s Black Agents, from Amazon or DriveThru RPG Vampires in Podcasting: The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast covers Dracula in episodes 247-250 Ken Hite’s first KARTAS segment on Night’s Black Agents Monster Talk: Fangs that go Bump in the Night Vampires in Film: Nosferatu Nosferatu the Vampire from 1979 Dracula (1977) The Hunger Vampire’s Kiss Let the Right One In (also Let Me In) 30 Days of Night Salem’s Lot Vampire B-Movies: Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter (1974) The Playgirls and the VampireA feckless troupe of European exotic dancers and their piano player led by a bumbling manager stumble upon a castle after encountering a ferocious storm.” Planet of the Vampires (Italian: Terrore Nello Spazio) “Planet of the bloodless! In this outer-space world, the living dead try to escape into life!” Trailer and Full Movie. Atom Age Vampire, Trailer and Full Movie Early Classic Gothic Sources: Vampyr, a 1819 short story by Lord Byron’s doctor, John Polidori — or maybe Lord Byron, depending on who you ask. Both of them rejected credit. There’s also Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire novella Carmilla. Vampires in Call of Cthulhu Scenarios: Blood Brothers Blood Brothers II Bumps in the Night Horror on the Orient Express Goatswood Pagan Call I and II Check out Kevin Ross’s article on vampires in Call of Cthulhu in Dragon Magazine #162 “Hammer & StakeI am Legend The Strain (TV series) Jenglot, the blood-sucking Indonesian doll vampire. [gallery type="square" link="file" size="medium" ids="3429,3432"]

Main Topic

More on combat rules: Fighting Maneuvers (105) Striking the First Blow (Surprise) (106) Being Outnumbered (108) Escaping Close Combat (108) Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums]]>

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