MU Podcast 053 – Fudging, Flubbing, and Failing

MUP_053_Fudging_Flubbing_and_FailingFor episode 52, Keeper Dan was out of town when this episode was recorded, so you have Keepers Jon, Murf and Chad go through the debate on whether or not a GM should fudge their rolls, and then now to take bad Idea rolls from dull to dynamic.

Campus Crier

This portion of the Crier was recorded on April 6, 2014, while the rest of the episode was recorded on March 27. That is why Keeper Dan is here. The Crier info later on is part of the original recording. We’re still working out the way we’re doing this same-day Crier coverage.

Updated Issue 1 of Cephalophobia is out. Updated version is available here on the web site, or pulled fresh from the podcast feed.

LOVECRAFT ILLUSTRATED soon to crawl forth from PS Publishing! From W.H. Pugmire’s blog, A View from Sesqua Valley

 Tiki versus Cthulhu Issue#1 Kickstarter Elemental rage versus eldritch horror as two island tribes battle to the death!

 The Dark Rites of Cthulhu anthology released! Joshua M. Reynolds shared the info on his blog.

What’s New at Goodman Games? – A panel at Gary Con VI The Spellburn Podcast #19 has the seminar wheree Goodman Games announced Jon’s game Starfall at the Plateau of Leng as well as their Kickstarter for a new authorized print of the RPG classic Metamorphosis Alpha! The panel is also on YouTube.

 Bret Kramer is calling for submissions for the Arkham Gazette #3, which will be about witches and witchcraft in Lovecraft Country. Check the submissions page for details.

Sponsor News 1

caddy1071 donated to the cause. Steven also pitched in, and we’re grateful to both of you, and everyone who has been so generous.

Feedback 1

Dan- Big Al from the Heel Turn Podcast called us up.

Feedback 2

Brady lets us know about a pretty cool table mapping tool.
Hi guys, I know you are all olde-skoole gamers and I ran across this kickstarter project: Blue Dungeon Tiles! It uses the faded blue from the inner cover of the world’s oldest RPG of days gone by. Thanks for all your great work. -Brady
Ethan writes in to give us an encyclopedia of digital Lovecraft gaming material.
Hi guys, I’m getting caught up on some of your recent episodes, and recently listened to Episode 49 where you talk about Lovecraftian video games. There are actually quite a lot of these, and I keep inflicting them on myself so others don’t have to, so I thought I’d give a partial chronology along with my thoughts on the ones I’ve played. Cheers, -Ethan
The list that Ethan gave us was so detailed that we gave it it’s own post!

Sponsor News 2

We’ve had a flurry of amazing supporters lately. Here are the generous sponsors that have offered their support: Shannon Mac, Hastur, Mrjohnmarchughes, Gladius, and SamS!! Thank you all so much!

Card Catalog

Evidence bags on eBay

What Has the MUP Crew Been Playing?

Jon Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit Sentinels of the Multiverse at Planet Comicon Kansas City Chad Pandemic Minecraft Anomia Murf Masks of Nyarlathotep

History Lecture

We’ve got a lecture from Dr. Gerard on the topic of Ghost Marriages.

Cryptocurium Spotlight

The Idol of Shub-Niggurath. This is a limited run of 50, so get one while supplies last.

Side Topic

Should you fudge die rolls? Ever? If so, when? If not, why not?

Main Topic

Ideas of how to use failed idea rolls to maneuver players into bad situations. A conversation side topic goes into the formation of snow flakes.   Discuss on our Campus Forums here.]]>

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