Cephalophobia Issue 1 Is Unleashed!


cephalophobia-1_coverWe are proud to present on our 2 year anniversary the Miskatonic University Yearbook, issue 1. Also known as, Cephalophobia! This magazine has loads of great features and articles, and we hope that you find articles that help your Call of Cthulhu game.   Included in this issue are: Eternal Spring– A non-mythos adventure for the Cthulhu Invictus setting by Matt Puccio. Cave Beast– A creature information and stat generation based on the Lovecraft story The Beast in the Cave, by E. Walker Lindsey. Homunculus– Creature creation information and stat generation from MUP’s own Jon Hook. The Fixer– Occupation information and NPC generation info from MUP’s own Dr. Charles Gerard. What’s It Worth To Ya?– Some thoughts on handling bribes and tips in classic-era Call of Cthulhu games, by the MUP Faculty and Campus Forum Alumni Logar. The Plawson Tapes– The secret history of the mysterious video footage that captures the heart of depravity and madness, by Brian Sammons Y.GOLO.NET– A short fiction, by Shane Ivey. Terror on the Deep– An ocean-going Scenario Seed, by E. Walker Lindsey. [gview file=”http://www.namisouthdakota.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Cephalophobia_Issue_1.pdf” save=”1″]]]>