MU Podcast 039 – San-Restoring Sea Voyages

This episode is just Murph and Dan as Chad is off doing work stuff and Jon has vanished into the ether. Or, more likely sleeping. We cover topics that all strangely tie together. We talk about reading tomes, running a campaign vs. a one-shot, and character down-time between investigations.         Campus Crier News: Posted to Facebook from Golden Goblin/Oscar Rios- “De Horrore Cosmico is Latin for Cosmic Horror, it is also the title for an upcoming Cthulhu Invictus collection from Golden Goblin Press. Writers include Stuart Boon, Chad Bowser, Phredd Groves (a new face), Oscar Rios, Jeffrey Moeller, and Penny Love & Mark Morrison. I’m happy to say that two of these scenarios are already in-house with work on the other four underway! Look for Golden Goblin Press to launch its Kickstarter Campaign for this in early 2014. Tales of the Crescent City is still the second project from GGG. The tentative date for the launch of this Kickstarter is January 24th 2014.” Astounding Adventures, the BRP Pulp Adventure Supplement, is now available as a PDF from Chaosium. This didn’t make it into the show at recording, but the 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules have been released to the general public! There is a new podcast out, called Modiphius Calling. Hosted by Josh O’Connor and Chris Birch. They cover the happenings at their company as well as the RPG hobby at large. The Raiders of R’lyeh Kickstarter will have only 2 days left when this episode drops. They just reached their $22,000 goal, so they’re funding! Sponsor thanks to Aaron, who supplied this episode’s side topic. We got a voicemail question from DM CoJo. He asks about how to portray reading tomes in your campaign. Do you just hand-wave it and lose and San, or roleplay it out more. Our side topic is from Aaron. He says he would be interested on hearing a discussion about the difference between preparing one offs and campaigns for CoC. He’s worried that the high fatality rate for CoC will make running a longer campaign difficult if not impossible to do. And the main topic is from Bosco Boy. He asked Murph (while they were at NecronomiCon) about character down-time.]]>

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