MU Podcast 035 – 7th Ed Postmortem

Now that the 7th Edition Kickstarter has wrapped up, in Episode 35 we talk with Mike Mason about the whole process and the long road ahead. Plus, a new history lecture, a boatload of news and a trip to the moving pictures for a sponsored side topic.       Campus Crier

  • The Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Kickstarter finished with more than 1000% backing. The goal was $40,000, and they finished out with $561,836. That’s 1,404% funding! Update! Chaosium just announced that they actually reached the final $565,000 Stretch Goal via backers submitting through PayPal for last-minute purchases. We make the mistake in thinking in the Crier that Numenera topped the RPG Kickstarter list, it’s actually Exalted.
  • By the time this show drops, Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Wars is complete, with $1,403,981, at 3,509% funding! Over a million dollars! Congratulations to Sandy and his crew!
  • Because of reasons, the Cephalophobia Newsletter is going to become the Cephalophobia Yearbook. We’ve decided that we make a better product by shifting to a year-end publication, rather than trying make it quarterly. This “yearbook” will aim to represent the podcast and its community. Content will come from submissions we’ve received so far, submissions that come in between now and December 31, 2013, and the most compelling content from the MUP Campus Forum. In the case of posts from the Forum, we’ll contact the authors to ask their permission to adapt their material for Cephalophobia. We’re shooting for an initial publication date of January 31, 2014. We’ll plan to post a PDF teaser/preview on the Forum in August so our contributors have a sense of how the project is shaping up. We’ll revise the existing Call for Submissions to reflect the new concept for Cephalophobia.
  • Unspeakable Oath 23 is on the way!
  • Plus, here’s a new Kickstarter for a Cthulhu RPG soundscape.
Card Catalog This week’s hidden online resource for keepers is — 20s slang sites. There are plenty to choose from, but here’s one of our favorites. Or check out this one, or this one (which has fun pictures!) We also mention the Mandarin used in Firefly. A complete list is here. The Signal Podcast also has a regular segment with audio instruction on the pronunciation of the Chinese used in Firefly. Lecture Series This week, Dr. Gerard covers “Indonesian Hopping Zombies.” Chinese hopping vampires mixed with Robocop: Robo Vampire And you can subject yourself to the whole movie here! Sponsored Side Topic This week, forum and MUP AP superstar Toni suggested we cover Lovecraft-inspired film, like From Beyond, Cast A Deadly Spell, Evil Dead and many others. A long stream-of consciousness discussion of films ensues. We’d like to continue this discussion on the forum because, well, we missed a lot. Nevertheless, here’s a rundown of some of the ones we talked about. (Full movie on YouTube here!) (Trailer on Youtube here.) this movie is available to stream on Netflix. (Full movie on YouTube here!) (Part 1 of he full movie on YouTube here!) (Preview here.) (Trailer here.) Keeper Chad heard about Castle Freak as a running gag on the hilarious podcast called The Flop House. (Trailer here.) (Watch here.) (Trailer here.) (Watch the whole enchilada on YouTube here.) (Watch the trailer here.) (Watch on YouTube here.) (Trailer here.) NES Life Force (Ok, it’s not a movie. It’s not even a good game. Like we said — stream of consciousness.) And if you’re interested in seeing more Lovecraftian short films, animations and movie trailers, check out the Youtubez channel called “Arkham Drive-in” (not mentioned on the show). Main Topic For our main topic, here’s our final chat about the 7th Edition Kickstarter with Mike Mason. (By the way, he’s got an awesome blog called Angry Zoog and you can find it here.) We mention Fez-o-Rama, makers of the Silver Twilight fez. They have a lot of Cthulhu-centric items in their catalog! Here is a nice Stratigraph to give folks an idea of what the Mythos one may look like, or at least the idea of what one is.]]>

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