MU Podcast 028 – Digital Cthulhu

This episode circles back to the scenario we improvised in our previous show for some corrections, tweaks and modifications. For our first sponsor-suggested side topic, we jack in to the virtual gaming world to explore some of the digital tools you can use for role playing online. You also get a spoiler-free review of Atomic Age, a trip to the Bestiary for a peek at Ubbo-Sathla, and more! Campus Crier • The Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter will wrap up 2 days after release of this episode! • Also, check out the details on this Rise of Cthulhu: Battle for New York City new game. Want. • The Doom that Came to Fiddle Creek • And, check out this Kickstarter for a new short film called Miskatonic University, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. • A hearty shout out to a couple of new sponsors — thank you “DrDarkspeed” and “WitchDoctor,” a pair of pseudonyms that would make a great Lovecraftian superhero duo. Anyway, thanks very much, guys! • And, announcing the call for submissions on our yet-to-be-named newsletter. Check out the details here. Card Catalog This week’s hidden online resource for keepers is: Online newspaper clipping generators from and Presentation Magazine. Great for creating in-game news items, clues and props for your sessions. Mutable Deceptions, Vol 1: Jazz Age Newspapers Lecture Series The lecture from Dr. Gerard at the Miskatonic University History Department, is on “Saint John’s Dance” Review Jon gives us a spoiler-free review of the much-anticipated Chaosium release, Atomic Age Cthulhu. Bestiary And this week’s secret Bestiary word is: Ubbo-Sathla! Ahhhhhh! Sponsor Side Topic! For our first sponsor-suggested side topics, we dive into an idea EddyPo gave us as part of his generous sponsorship back a few weeks ago. Based on his request, we bring you a veritable buffet of goodies for making your Skype or Google Hangout games…er…more better. Syrinscape MorphVox Pro Screenleap Dropbox Roll20 Maptool Skype Google Hangouts Mumble Invisible Castle — a virtual die roller to keep players and Keepers honest. Great for play-by-post games. Call Graph Call Burner Pamela Infrno — An online gaming community where you can recruit players or join VOIP games. Games are usually played over Skype, and they have their own shared tabletop application that you can try out. Obsidian Portal — a campaign Wiki that you can use for ongoing games on or off VOIP. Nice for keeping track of long narratives and scads of NPCs. What we didn’t know at the time of recording was that Obsidian Portal is having a Kickstarter to rebuilt and update the entire site! Main Topic We went back into our 6-word improv adventure and looked at a number of the historical accuracy issues we created last time. And since we recorded, we found our tunnel system. We will be using the Camden Catacombs for the scenario. There are pictures here from an Urban Explorer.]]>

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