MU Podcast 025 – Ideas about Distractionary Unruliness

MUP_025 In Episode 25, we talk about a murder of topics, including unruly players and the Idea roll. We crack open the Bestiary again, and search for the elusive Lloigor. Plus, we take another trip to Pickman’s Art Institute for an interview with Joe Broers. Campus CrierHappy Birthday Great Cthulhu! • It’s been 10 years since the first RPG Live-Play recording was released online. That honor goes to YSDC and Paul MacLean for accidentally recording part of a D&D game a decade ago. • A new book for The Laundry RPG has been released — check out God Game Black • And, finally, Chaosium’s The Atomic Age book is OUT! • Mythos Buddies – check out this cute little bit of Lovecraftiana from Dreamland Toyworks — they’re $11.95 each, under 3″ tall. These little collectibles were designed by John Kovalic and sculpted by Tom Meier • An appeal to the MUP Nation: we’ve got bills coming up. We’ve set up a new page for people to become supporters. Check out our sponsorship levels and fun thank-you gifts. • We’ve got a Guest Post page for the site. We’re not going to link to it in the show notes, because we want to hold back the tide of Spam for now. But the address is SLASH guest. Shhh. Don’t share this with the robots. • We’re ramping up to launch a newsletter pilot issue — no date has been set, but we’ll be calling for submissions soon. Please feel free to share your ideas on the MU forum. We will be adding an e-mail list to this site soon for everyone to sign up to get the free quarterly newsletter. Card Catalog “Alpope-23” from the forum suggested we share one online resource for Keepers each episode. We like the idea, so here we go. To kick this thing off, we’re endorsing the Vintage Ad Browser, which has awesome period advertisements that you can use for inspiration or props at your table. History Department Lecture This week takes us to the U.S. capital for another Field Trip from the Miskatonic University History Department, entitled “Mrs. Lincoln Talks to the Dead.” Pickman’s Art Institute In the second installment of our new Mythos art segment, Murph talks to Joe Broers about making props out of Sculpey, and about his amazing catalog of Lovecraftian sculptures. His stuff can be seen on Deviant Art here. Bestiary We talk about the illusive and pessimistic Lloigor. Main Topic For this show, we cover a couple of topics instead of just one. First, some suggestions about how to use the mysterious Idea roll. Then, a little about how to handle conflicts at the table, including play-versus-player problems and other disturbances that can throw off a game session. We would also love to hear your ideas for topics for us to talk about. Send us a note directly, or go to the Campus Forum with your ideas! Here is the discussion thread on the Campus forum, and this is the discussion thread for this podcast posted on the Yog-Sothoth forums.]]>

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