Miskatonic University Podcast 9 – Roll SAN!

Episode 9 is jam-packed with segments and discussion. We have a new Lecture segment to premier, a Special Collections visit, voicemail, and discussion of the Sanity system.  This show is Murph-less, but we have the company of a guest host, Player Cliff. Our listener feedback is going to be pared down a little bit to make room for more content. We’ll be reading to all your e-mails, but questions and audio feedback will be the main on-air type we include. We got a great voicemail from Brian Courtemanche. It looks like he’ll be at the NecronomiCon-Providence next year, and he’ll send us info from the con. In other MUP news, it looks like we’re not getting into the podcast network we were hoping for. So, I’m looking for solutions for a bulletin board attached to this site. We premier the first installment of the Miskatonic University History Department’s Lecture Series, brought to you by MU professor Dr. Charles Gerard. This lecture covers the topic of Blood Rain. There will be a page set up with details of the Lecture Series, in the History Department section under Gaming. There is also a visit to the Special Collections vault to inspect the Cultes de Goules. The Paris Catacombs are very real, and cover nearly all of the territory within the city. Here are a handful of links: Les Catacombes de Paris National Geographic Photo Blog of the Catacombs Urban Explorers visit the Catacombs We have the roll-off to determine the winner of the Cthulhu by Gaslight contest!  Here are the three contenders: Murph’s character- (with Cliff as proxy) Ira Eugene Kelly, 1920’s Occult bookstore owner, and paranormal fanboy. Creator- Troels (“Gracehoper” on the YSDC forums) Jon’s Character- Viktor Filnshkin, MU Medical Student, and heir to Russian nobility. Creator- Ty Snouffer Dan’s character- Lewis O’Neil, 1890’s schoolboy with a big future ahead of him. Creator- Tariq The rolls were… Ira:49  Viktor:43  Lewis: 12 Meaning that the winner was Lewis O’Neil. Tariq has already been contacted, and the book will be sent out to him shortly! The sheets will be added to the Publications page over the next week or so. The main topic for the show was an examination of the Sanity rules for Call of Cthulhu. This is the discussion thread for this podcast posted on the Yog-Sothoth forums.]]>

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