Miskatonic University Podcast 12- Grab your torch and pitchfork, the edition wars are coming!

Episode 12 starts off as usual with feedback. Then we have another installment of the Lecture Series, Keeper Jon tells us about his upcoming book from Goodman Games, and then we dive into the murky and heated topic of the proposed 7th edition rules for Call of Cthulhu.   We feature an e-mail that had a couple of alternate methods of determining critical/impale rolls. “…if the die result multiplied by 5 is equal to or smaller than your skill level, you scored a critical. Another way to do it, that I came up with, would be to simply roll your d100 and a d5. In case of a success, it’s a critical if the d5’s result is a 1. Voila, no more need of tables or calculations. ” Chessex selection of non-standard dice: d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, d30, d34 We got a voice mail commenting on Trail of Cthulhu, specifically the Dying of St. Margaret’s adventure. We couldn’t make out the name in the voice mail, so if it was you, let us know. (Pookie’s review) We have another installment of the Miskatonic University History Department’s Lecture Series, brought to you by MU professor Dr. Charles Gerard. This lecture covers the topic of The Demons of 1866. There is a page set up with details of the Lecture Series, in the History Department section under Gaming. Keeper Jon then discusses his newly announced book, Age of Cthulhu 7: The Timeless Sands of India, published by Goodman Games. And the show ends off with a discussion of the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition rules written by Paul Fricker & Mike Mason. They hosted a seminar panel at Continuum 2012. Even among our hosts, there is a lot of disagreement in the proposed changes. To listen to the seminar, visit this thread at Yog-Sothoth.com. A good breakdown of the information is on the Unspeakable Oath website. (Issue 21 of The Unspeakable Oath Magazine is out!) Here is the discussion thread on the Campus forum, and this is the discussion thread for this podcast posted on the Yog-Sothoth forums.]]>