Miskatonic University Podcast 10- Reading is Fundamental

Episode 10 has several technical gaffs in it. Most of which are Murph’s fault, though he blames Byakhees summoned by kittens to mess with his laptop. Despite all this, we have some good content in here (when we’re not tangenting all over the map). We have a lecture by Dr. Gerard on the Pangboche Hand; a Bestiary where we toss a femur to our favorite dog-boys; and the main topic is the rules for reading those huge, smelly, crunchy, moldy tomes your investigators found in some crazy guys’ basement.   Feedback for the show starts off with a big thanks to Stu from the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast. Mike sent an e-mail letting us know about Michael Bukowski’s website: yog-blogsoth.blogspot.com “This blog will be an attempt to draw all the creatures Lovecraft ever wrote about or mentioned. In some cases his descriptions are very detailed and precise (Elder Things in At the Mountains Of Madness), and in other cases he simply names creatures (Voonith in Dream Quest Of Unknown Of Kadath) but all require a level of interpretation and imagination.” I’ll be adding links from the Bestiary descriptions to the pages on Yog-Blogsoth that feature the creature we discuss. We have a voicemail from Dr. Bob commenting on how awesome Dr. Gerard’s Lecture Series is. We have a poll up here on the site asking your opinions for what we should do for a forum option. Let us know what you want! We have another installment of the Miskatonic University History Department’s Lecture Series, brought to you by MU professor Dr. Charles Gerard. This lecture covers the topic of the Pangboche Hand. There is a page set up with details of the Lecture Series, in the History Department section under Gaming. In the Bestiary, we discuss Ghouls as Lovecraft wrote about them. The main topic for the show was an examination of the Call of Cthulhu rules for reading ancient forbidden tomes. We mention Bookhounds of London. Buy from Amazon in hardback. Or PDF on DrivethruRPG. We also mention the podcast Monster Talk, and specifically their episode Cthulhu Rises. It’s a fun listen. The contest entries are up! Just go to the Publications page under Gaming. This is the discussion thread for this podcast posted on the Yog-Sothoth forums.]]>