Guest Post- 1d4Con 2014

1d4Con ( is now in its second year and we are happy to be able to bring it back. Last year, our first year, we had about 150 people show up and game with us. I know it’s a small number compared to other conventions, but that amount blew my mind and literally brought me to tears of joy. Thanks to you guys for helping to spread the word! We are back at the Hampton Inn in Winchester, VA on April 25th, so again, we have free parking. As far as location goes, we are at the most northern point of Virginia. That makes us no more than 2 hours from the bigger cities like D.C. and Baltimore. Pre-registration Tickets go on sale the 1st of March, but right now we are looking for Game Submissions until Feb 23rd. The cut off gives us a week to get all of the submissions entered into so that they are available for sign up when pre-registration starts. We are also adding Vendors this year. We have half of our spots filled, but are still looking for more. As far as games go, we are seriously lacking in Horror/Mythos games this year, though I may try my hand at Trail of Cthulhu. Friday and Sunday games are the most needed, but we’ll take what we can get. Want to be a Keeper or volunteer your time for us? We will reimburse you for every full 4 hour block of time you give us. ( We are also doing a Charity Drive called “Games of Charity” for a local food pantry that also helps people with clothes and paying bills to keep the heat on in our crazy 1 degree weather. We are selling tickets that players can use in specially marked games for extra boons like free re-rolls, extra dice, soaking damage, etc. Pretty much anything the GMs agree on beforehand. The charity (CCAP) will get 100% of the proceeds from these tickets. Pathfinder Society is helping us out by running, special modules that can only be played at large conventions, Ruins of BoneKeep 1 and 2. Seats for these games will cost $10 each and all goes to the charity. It was good to meet Keeper Chad and have Dr. Gerard runs 3 Cthulhu games last year. I hope to meet a lot more of the MUP community this time! Please visit our website ( for more info and sign up on the newsletter! We have a thread on the MUP Campus Forum. Amvteknoboy on the MUP forum]]>

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