MU Podcast 034 — Describing the Indescribable

In this episode, we’re talking about tips for how to use description to paint a moody picture for your players.  We also unwrap the mysteries of mummies in a new Bestiary, catch the New York subway for a review of MRP’s Tales of the Sleepless City, and announce the results of the Atomic Age History contest. Plus, this week’s Campus Crier is chockablock full of big Lovecraftian game news, and Keeper Chad even comes under fire during the recording of the show!

Campus Crier

  • First, announcing the winner of the Atomic Age History Contest — congratulations Gladius, for the Dyatlov Pass Incident!
  • Bret Kramer is ramping up his Lovecraft-country newsletter called The Arkham Gazette. Chad has been lucky enough to get a sneak peek, and the content in this thing is pure gold. Weird New England history, great game-related background. The theme of the inaugural issue is Rhode Island, obviously in preparation for the conference in Providence.

  • Ian MacLean has created our official Fighting Cephalopod mascot!





 Card Catalog-

This week’s hidden online resource for keepers is:


Keeper Chad Reviews the Tales of the Sleepless City book of New York scenarios from Miskatonic River Press. During the review, Chad mentions the Tenement Museum in New York.

In the Bestiary, we talk about Mummies

 Panya from BPRD comic.

We also tangent like a boss in this Bestiary, and end up planning on a sandbox game with Superheroes fighting the Mythos, run by Murph. Here is the stuff we talk about in that conversation: Justice League episode “The Terror Beyond” from season 2 is based on an interpretation of the Cthulhu Mythos. The Superman Animated Series episode “The Hand of Fate” has some very Mythos looking creatures. The Real Ghostbusters episode that features Cthulhu by name can be watched on YouTube. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The Real Life Superhero movement. Real Life Super Hero Project Real Life

Main Topic For the main topic, we talk about tips for describing things in your games for effective horror gaming. (Things like moody landscapes, weird evidence, indescribable monsters and gore.)

Skype of Cthulhu One Shot- Power Corrupts Dockside Dogs by Paul Fricker Jason Morningstar’s Bully Pulpit Games

Gracehoper’s soundscapes 5 hour Egypt style soundscape 6 hours of Southern Gothic Horror and rural ravings Listeners to the show already know Gracehoper’s work. The first thirty seconds of the Summoning track on the Shub-Niggurath album is used in our opening theme!


Murph mentions Rainy Mood for background sound ambiance. Another one is iSerenity.

If you’re doing a space game, then here’s some Enterprise engine sound.


The original 1922 Nosferatu is Public Domain and available free at Here is the 1979 remake.


One of Joe Broers’ daggers.


The Lovecraft word list at YSDC.

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