Beginning podcasting info. It’s about podcasting on a tight budget and using Audacity for editing. For hosting, I use this wonderful site, No fees, and unlimited storage & bandwidth. The catch is that once a file is uploaded, it’s there forever. So make sure you’re happy with the edit before you upload it, since you’ll never be able to remove it. Also note that their bandwidth isn’t very fast, so you’ll not be able to stream content from them without your listeners having to deal with a lot of buffering issues. That’s why I don’t have a streaming option on the podcast episodes here. I’m producing my show without a mixing board. I talk to my cohosts with Skype, and record it with Call Graph: To add bumpers into the call so the others can hear them, I use Morph Vox Pro from For a mic, I started with a webcam I already had. I clipped it to my t-shirt collar for okay, but not very good sound. Then I got this mic with this cable, and it sounds worlds better. I made a pop filter at home with an embroidery hoop, $.99 panty hose, and a coat hanger. I also did a ton of reading and research, but the above is the basics of how I’m doing it.]]>

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