Anniversary and cool new stuff coming

On this day, the 25th of March, 2012, the first episode of the Miskatonic University Podcast was released into the unclean pathways of the Intertubes. In that year, we’ve published 27 episodes, totaling so far 47 hours, 16 minutes and 52 seconds of audio. Then another 26 hours, 34 minutes and 5 seconds of Live Play recordings in 4 different games. We’ve been fortunate enough to speak to some of the most respected names in Call of Cthulhu gaming. We’ve also gained an amazing community of listeners who have been supportive, fun, and makes this show a joy to produce. Thank you all so very much for listening and letting us know that you’re enjoying our audio ramblings so much that you not only listened to nearly 73 hours of us, you’re happy for more! This past year we also learned a lot about this whole podcasting thing. We’ve gotten better equipment, and added features, but we’re far from done. The MUP crew is just getting warmed up. We have a Newsletter on the way, we have a new e-mail list, we’re working on an original adventure on the air, and a host of other things we’re not ready to even tell you about yet. So here’s to enough hours of Call of Cthulhu craziness to keep you entertained for many more years to come. You guys make this worth doing, and doing to the best of our abilities. Thank you all.]]>