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MU Faculty is taking a holiday break

Keeper Dan here. While I intended to make an audio file to go with this, my throat has decided to feel like it’s burning its way out of my neck, making speech a troubling prospect at best. We’re going to take a break of a few weeks for the holidays. Scheduling the crew at this time of year is a nightmare, so we’re going to get back together in January to start off our 2017 run. Have a... read more

Forum link and e-mail issues

Hiya folks, Dan here. While we’re still getting the new server beaten into submission and then properly shackled to the virtual walls of our web presence dungeon, we’re having some issues. First, the forum link here on the site is not working. It just goes to a blank white page rather that forwarding to the proper spot. Replace the current address of read more

MUP is back, baby!

Our server woes have been dispelled for the time being. Though this last outage has thoroughly destroyed the spine of the desert-dwelling dromedary. We already have a spiffy new spot picked out, we just have to splash some fresh blood around and say the proper rites before we can move the full MUP campus over there.   read more

Website availability

I believe I’ve gotten the website to a place where it’s more stable. Episode 54 went out on the feed as normal, and everything is appearing to work as it’s supposed to. I’m going to continue to monitor the site closely, but I believe we’re past the worst issues.   read more

A little background on how the tech side of the show works

I was asked how exactly we use to host our podcast files. So, here’s a little peek at how I get this show to your eagerly awaiting ears. I’ll use one of the live play episodes as an example. It’s really simple once you see how it works. First off, log into Archive and upload the finished MP3. Remember, once it has been uploaded, there’s no removing it, so check it over... read more

MU Podcast is in a network!

  When considering the idea for doing a new podcast about Call of Cthulhu, I had several examples I used as templates. First was Yog Radio, the original podcast about Call of Cthulhu. It was the retirement of Yog Radio at episode 50 that spurred me to consider doing a new one. I was waiting for someone to start up another one, and it didn’t happen. So, as is usually the case, if you don’t see... read more

Anniversary and cool new stuff coming

On this day, the 25th of March, 2012, the first episode of the Miskatonic University Podcast was released into the unclean pathways of the Intertubes. In that year, we’ve published 27 episodes, totaling so far 47 hours, 16 minutes and 52 seconds of audio. Then another 26 hours, 34 minutes and 5 seconds of Live Play recordings in 4 different games. We’ve been fortunate enough to speak to some... read more

Website updates tonight

The site has been updated and everything looks good. Send a note from the Feedback page if there are any issues you guys find with the site. read more

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