MUP Special Report- Heroes of Red Hook Kickstarter Launches!

Heroes_of_Red_Hook_coverGoblin_head Friend of the show and MUP Sponsor, Oscar Rios and Golden Goblin Press have released the companies first Kickstarter for a fiction anthology. Previously, the fiction books released were as support products to game books that the company has released. This time though, it’s all about the stories. And this is looking like quite the collection. Containing an expected 17-18 stories this is expected to be roughly twice the size of the prior two anthologies they put out, Tales of Cthulhu Invictus and Dread Shadows in Paradise. Both of which are also available as add-on items in this campaign. Like the other GGP anthologies, this is edited by Brian Sammons, no stranger to Mythos fans or listeners to this podcast. Anyone who knows Oscar knows that this is a passion project for him. He, like many fans of Lovecraft, deal with the conflicting drives of the amazing story content, and the man’s deplorable and misguided racist views. That’s why this book is here, to represent characters doing their part against the Mythos who are not the average white male protagonist. This is “a collection of jazz era cosmic horror short stories featuring immigrant, minority, female, LGBT, and other outsider protagonists.”, and it’s long overdue.        ]]>

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