MUP NecronomiCon Fundraiser

This little show of ours is done on a shoestring budget, and those strings tend to get frayed from time to time. We intend to get Murf, Chad and Dan to NecronomiCon Providence 2017, and we’re hitting the financial wall in a couple of areas. So we could use a little assistance from listeners who wish to help us get there. Many of our trip expenses are covered out of pocket, but we could use some help to make the trip easier on tight budgets. And here is what you get in return for your contribution! We’re doing this as a “ransom” fundraiser. We have a goal of $700 set. When that goal is reached, then we will release as a free download to the public (not just backers) a scenario written by our own Keeper Jon Hook. Here’s a preview of “For the Love Of”: Please note that this is not a part of the Patreon system. Being a Patron there does not go towards this as it is separate from costs for running the site itself. All prices are in US dollars. At this time, we are only able to take PayPal payment Thanks in advance to all who are able to contribute! [purchase_link id=”3331″ text=”Add to Your Cart” style=”button” color=”green”] As part of the NecronomiCon fundraiser, Oscar Rios is generously offering to run two online games for donors. For the price of $100, Oscar will run a 3-hour online demo of Cthulhu Invictus for up to a total of 4 players. This reward comes with one completely original pre-gen Invictus investigator for a team member. Only one such game is available. The 3-Hour Demo has been sold! Thank you so much for the support! For $250, he will run an original never-before played Cthulhu Invictus adventure set anywhere in the Roman Empire the donor chooses. The game session will last 4 hours. This game is also for a team of 4 players, and all will be provided with pre-gens. The donor will also get a preview draft of the “Tour of the Empire” chapter in the unreleased Cthulhu Invictus book to help them pick the province where they want the adventure set. Only one game at this level is available. These funds will also add to the total to meet the goal to release Jon’s scenario. The number selector above the checkout button is disabled. It will only select 1 regardless of the number in it. [purchase_link id=”5560″ text=”Add to Your Cart” style=”button” color=”green”]  

Our own lovely Keeper Jon is also offering up online games!

For $50 he will run a one-on-one online Age of Cthulhu game with the buyer. He has several one-on-one adventures that he has written, and the buyer can choose any one of them to play with the author. Buyers can choose from any one of these Age of Cthulhu One-vs-One adventures:
Pickpocket – It’s the end of a long day, and as you thread your way through the heard of work-weary people, you feel a tug on your pocket. Quickly, you check, and your wallet has been lifted. You look up, and your eyes lock with a kid whose about to duck into a nearby alley. Thief! In this adventure, you meet a young man desperate to stay alive on the streets as he looks for his missing brother. Do you have the courage to help him?
Picture in a Silver Frame – It’s been another difficult day. Your frail uncle desperately clings to life as his weakened body continues to break down. In one of his few moments of clarity, he’s asked you to clean out some of his belongings from his attic. As you do so, you come across a remarkable silver frame, and an old photograph that you’ve never seen before. You’re taken aback. The ancient photo in this beautiful frame is of you, full of life and vigor, as you are now! You’re standing in front of a home you’ve never seen before. What is this? Where did this picture come from, and what can it mean? In this adventure, you’ll question the flow of time as you seek to discover the secret of the silver frame.
The Silent Clowder – Something strange is going on over at your neighbors house. Night after night, his yard hosts more and more cats. They’d be a damn nuisance if they were screaming all night, but not a single cat is making a sound. They just sit and stare at the house. What could they be doing? And come to think about it, it’s been a while since you’ve seen your neighbor. In this adventure, you discover how far you’d go for your neighbor.
Suicide in the Stacks – It’s a fine day to browse through the library. It’s right as you round the corner into the next isle in the stacks when you find her. A beautiful young woman has taken her own life! You stand in horror as the last of her life ebbs from her open wrists. In this adventure, you seek to discover why this woman committed suicide. It is a dark day, and there is little hope of light returning anytime soon.
And, depending on when Jon finishes writing it, you could be the first to play test a brand new Age of Cthulhu One-vs-One adventure titled The Smothering Black.
The Smothering Black – You are recovering well after a car accident three months ago. It was pretty bad for a while, you were in a coma for three days, but you’ve pulled through and are on the mend. Unfortunately, your close friend just lost her father, and you have come to his visitation to pay your respects and give your friend, Dorothy, your condolences. As you approach the coffin, you look inside, and Dorothy’s father lays in repose, but his flesh seems to be covered in some kind of black stain. Every inch of his flesh and hair is covered in this stain; the black is so absolute, that you have a difficult time seeing the details of his features. What is it, and is this what killed him? In this adventure, you seek to discover the secret of the deadly “black” before it can kill again.
 There is no limit to how many of these are available, so if you want to sample every one of Jon’s One-on-One Call of Cthulhu scenarios, then you can buy this multiple times! We asked Jon if he wasn’t sure he wanted a cap, and his response was “I double dog dare the public to buy ’em.
You heard the man… Are you gonna back down from that?
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