MUP Live Play- The Iron Ghost, from KantCon 2012

Join a group of strangers as they board their train. The ticket reads that the trip is from Arkham to Philadelphia. The tracks don’t always lead where you expect them to… Recorded at KantCon 2012. The IRON GHOST, from Fearful Passages, published by Chaosium. Print Version   PDF Version   Due to the nature of convention recording, there may be times when background noise from other games happening in the same room may make this game hard to hear. Some adult language is used in this episode. Listener discretion is advised. Here is the thread on the MU Campus forum, and this is the discussion thread for this podcast posted on the Yog-Sothoth forums. The editing of these episodes was a longer process than anticipated, so it was decided to perform a minimum of edits on the live-play shows. The audio has been cleaned up and optimized, and the open and close credits have been added. The pauses and stammers are all present in their original form.]]>

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