MUP Episode 159 – Spin the Globe Again

This episode, Murph and Jon go back to the mixing cauldron to pair locations with monsters again! This episode was recorded on October 25, 2018.

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Campus Crier

Keeper Chad contributed to a thing you can buy! He wrote part of a D&D supplement called “Dread Encounters: 13 Horrifying Hooks for Ravenloft.” This includes the work of four writers, Noah Lloyd, Tyler Hudak and Ed Possing, and “Charles Gerard.” AKA Keeper Chad. Each wrote three hooks for the Ravenloft/Strahd/Barovia setting, and then all collaborated on one single hook to make a total of 13. There are side encounters and strange items and NPCs and weird monsters that you can easily integrate into your Ravenloft campaign. This is now available on the DM’s Guild, as a PDF for $3.99. They are putting this up for sale with a generic cover, but the first $300 in profits will go toward an original cover to make it more appealing. Look for a shamelessly large link in the show notes.

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Type40 has created three official Chaosium Call of Cthulhu collectable enamel pins. Available at the Chaosium PAXAus booth, DT720. So if you’re Down Under go get your pins! Frozen Hell – The Book That Inspired The Thing – A newly discovered and expanded version of the classic sci-fi story, “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell, Jr. A Kickstarter to fund the new book. Friends (and editors) of the show Sean Murphy and Edwin Nagy are planning their 4th annual game-a-thon in support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Starting Nov. 16 at 6 PM Eastern on (link in the show notes), they will stream live for 24 hours. At midnight, Sean is running Call of Cthulhu. During the entire event, your donations allow you to mess with the game (add monsters, design a trap, whatever!), make you eligible to win gaming prizes from their sponsors at Gallant Knight Games, Chaosium, and Frog God Games, and, of course, help sick children. Special this year for a donation of $100, Edwin will run (using 5e D&D) one hour of story of your choice. You can send him something ahead of time, or chat real time with him while he runs what you write. He will provide mechanics on the fly, if necessary. Contributions can be made at any time to Team NEG (New England Gamers) at

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The Listening Room

Back in the “Listening Room” of Orne Library, first, Agent Dinos opens another dossier from the FBI files, this time on something called the “Kuala Tahan.” Next up, we have an episode of Glimpses into the Empire, this time we hear the story of “Tutula, Savior of Rome” Once again, if you have any interest in producing a segment for the podcast, please contact


Hi there, I’m a keeper from the north of Spain currently preparing to run The Two-Headed Serpent. First of all I would like to say congratulations and thank you for your podcast. I have been listening to it for the past few months since I discovered it and well, I guess the time has come to say hi and thanks! It is really entertaining and useful, I have come across a lot of very interesting resources and products related to rpgs as well as having a very good time listening to it. I recommended it to all my friends and gaming group and even though the language is a barrier some of them have followed the advice. As I told you I plan on running TTHS in the near future and as part of preparation I listened to some old podcast concerning Pulp Cthulhu (amazing book, btw) to refresh rules, get new ideas… In installment 128, the one you interviewed Tyler Hudak (Trevlix), he talked about a globe-spanning pulp campaign involving occult/cthulhu horror and thulean nazis he run for his group. It sounded absolutely great and so much fun to play and I think he said something about officially writing it and perhaps releasing it. Did it finally happen? Is there any way to get a copy? Once again thanks so much for such a great podcast and Go Pods!! – Ilmaris Hey Guys, Really enjoyed this episode. So many writers come up with their own Mythos monsters, but it’s rare for someone to come up with a new deity. Jon’s “Spark of Life” brought to mind Annihilation. The whole zone was bursting with life, but in overdrive, so perhaps that could be one of the side-effects of its presence? Kind of like a bizarro Cthugha 🙂 Chad’s GOO made my mind melt for the most part (in a good way), and with yet another pop-culture reference, reminded me of Langoliers. Instead of living just behind the present however, it’s living just in front. While I love the concept as a whole, I personally think the barnacles felt out of place (though I do agree that barnacles are creepy creatures). As for Murph’s, it’s reminiscent of a film called The Signal. Again, I really like this concept, and I was thinking, along the lines of what Chad was saying, that a certain frequency could be its kryptonite. Especially when you consider that inverted frequencies cancel each other out.I hope my comparisons with films doesn’t sound like I’m disparaging the ideas—I’m not. I’ve just seen a lot of movies is all, and it makes concepts easier to convey if compared to existing examples. I really liked all these ideas and hope they get to see life some time in the future. Cheers, Danial Carroll I wanted to start off by saying thank you for the birthday wishes and memorable song; 😉 and especially to Murph for all the help/ideas you gave to my wife and ultimately me. We were getting breakfast ready when I remembered a new episode dropped and started playing it, she was present and eating with me while that segment came on. Quite fortuitous. 😊 Also, great job on the work-shopping new Great Old One concepts, it was nice to have a glimpse into how your minds work and develop ideas in a new type of challenge. – Jeremie Hi MUP Guys! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and the birthday wishes for my husband Jeremie. We both listened to it and laughed and smiled; it was just perfect! I then gave Jeremie his books that I purchased and he was grinning from ear to ear. As I went to work, he started reading the books. We are both excited for our first CoC games. Thanks again! – Kerrie


1. Coordinates: Latitude: 14.15193, Longitude: 103.11216, Distortion: 1.06 PLUS Spawn of the Winds Malleus Monstroum pg. 85 2. Coordinates: Latitude: -70.65189, Longitude: 11.12174, Distortion: 9.11 PLU Gnoph-Keh pg. 85 3. Coordinates: Latitude: -1.04924, Longitude: 144.24045, Distortion: 1.00 PLUS Skinless One pg. 204 4. Coordinates: Latitude: 34.87963, Longitude: 110.38426, Distortion: 1.49]]>

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