MUP Ep 285 – Powered by the Bakers

This episode, Keepers Murph, Dave, and Bridgett welcome Lumpley Games – Vincent Baker and Meg Baker!

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New Members

Davin Flateau

Lauren Williams

Heather Poirier

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Bridgett’s Pet Pick Shout Out

Happy 5th birthday Thessaly from everyone at MUP! We hope that you’ve enjoyed your special day!

If you’re having a bad day, go to the show notes and check out bulldogs, in party hats, preparing to eat a cake. Get your serotonin hits where you can!

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Main Topic —

Games such as 

  • The Wolf King’s Son (2023)
  • Under Hollow Hills (2022)
  • Bedlam Beautiful (2017; limited publication)
  • Apocalypse World (2010; 2nd Edition 2016) and the PbtA framework