MUP Community Audio- CthulhuTech- Voidwalkers Part 1

Voidwalkers (Part 1)

In November of 2075 a new technology was first tested. It was a simple test, to move a monkey instantly from one place to another. The Jump Pod had been theorized and designed. It only needed to be tested. The test was a success. Only after this testing was it found to have a negative side effect. The man who designed it, Dr. Russell Stanton, seemed to go mad and attempted to debunk his own breakthrough. Placed into early retirement at an Ashcroft Mental Health Facility, his research was placed in the hands of a young ambitious scientist, Helmut Weisskopf. Weisskopf thought of another use for this technology, a new weapon. With humanity on the brink of extinction with enemies lurking around every corner, we need a new bomb to solve our problem. Weisskopf’s father was influential within the New Earth Government. Weisskopf was given a new title among the Ministry of War and an atomic bomb testing facility outside of Las Vegas. In March of 2077, a new test was prepared, and at 5:56 am Las Vegas, NV was removed from the map. The explosion looked to be a black mushroom cloud that wiped out an 80 mile radius. An inky blackness now occupies this space, and no one that goes in ever is seen again. This space is growing, and picking up speed. The New Earth Government has issued the Office of Internal Security the task of putting together a team to go into the Zone to understand it and gather information on the fate of the team that designed the bomb, and ultimately find a way to close it. The team codename is “Voidwalkers” for into the Void they must go… What darkness awaits them? CthulhuTech is published by Wildfire LLC. Featuring the cast of players- Keeper Murph as- Malcolm Havric, Mech Pilot EddyPo as- Dova, Nazadi Fed Keeper Jon as- Lucian Koyl, Parapsychic Keeper Dan as- Art Toie, Archanotechnician Toni as- Erik Fotios, Engel Pilot With Joseph Craig as the Game Master. Music: “The Haunter in the Dark” from the album Necronomicon by Nox Arcana Discuss on the Campus Forum.]]>

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