MUP 148 – Lisa Padol of Golden Goblin Fame

This episode, we have the third installment in our series of interviews with women in the horror-RPG realm, with Lisa Padol, staff editor for Golden Goblin Press. Plus, a Campus Crier catch-up, listener segments and feedback. The intro and Crier was recorded on June 7, and the interview was recorded a few weeks back on May 17, 2018. Please don’t forget to check out the Women in Tabletop Gaming Month website, and catch up on Lynne Hardy’s blog posts about women creatives at Chaosium!

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Campus Crier

There’s an update on Miskatonic River Press’s Punktown Kickstarter, (now nearing 5 years since it was launched in November 2012). Last year backers received a PDF of the first half of the book, and Angus Abranson of Chronicle City was overseeing completion of the second half. Chaosium has recently received the finished, laid-out book for final review. Angus has advised backers that printing and shipping is slated to start in mid-June. Call of Cthulhu books Down Darker Trails and The Two-Headed Serpent were named as recipients of 2018 UK Games Expo Awards. The two were picked from over 200 nominations. The Two-Headed Serpent garnered Best Roleplaying Adventure and Down Darker Trails landed the Best Roleplaying Expansion award. The winners were announced at UK Games Expo on Sunday 3rd June. Seth Skorkowsky has reviewed Jon’s Age of Cthulhu scenario Transatlantic Terror on Seth’s YouTube channel. It’s a nice thorough look at the adventure with some spoilers, FYI. But check it out if you’re thinking about running it. Issue #3 of Dark Times Magazine has been released. That’s the fanzine that picked up the ball from Protodimension. Lots of great articles and adventure seeds and content. Check it out, and if you have any inkling to write this stuff, submissions are rolling, contact the excellent humans behind the veil of secret history at Pre-Order Dark Adventure Radio Theatre – Masks of Nyarlathotep from the HPLHS – Masks of Nyarlathotep – Gamer Prop Set 2018 200 Word RPG Challenge – fun contest, Max & I have entries. Max: Jordan: A Lifetime in One Hour, mine is Torture Traps: The Last to Die, Wins! BY THE WAY, a huge thank you to MAX, who is graciously editing this episode.


From Forrest Aguirre: “Really enjoyed the episode on Tomes, but I felt like Jon’s idea of the binding (and, I assume, cover material) of the book having some mechanical effect didn’t get enough thought. I know, I host a podcast too, and “thinking” isn’t high on the agenda when you’re recording, I get it. Anyway, Jon’s question got me to thinking about the BBC production of “The Stone Tape,” written by Nigel Kneale, wherein some research scientists discover that a stairway carved of stone in the past recorded impressions of certain events that happened there, particularly traumatic events. I thought it might be cool to have a copy of (insert your favorite mythos tome here – the Necropnakoticthusspokezarathustraofglaaki, for example) bound not just in human skin, but in the human skin of a high ranking sorcerer of the cult who possessed the book. Because said sorcerer was SO powerful, those trying to cast a spell from this book will lose even more sanity than expected if they fail their sanity roll, however, they might be “rewarded” by lowering the number of magic points required to cast a given spell or by getting a temporary boost to POW to throw some extra “oomph” into the spell. Of course, you’ll want to make it very tempting and even more punishing for player characters to use, hence the risk of increased insanity. You can just bump it up the die chain, so if reading the tome would normally cost 1d6 sanity, the “improved” version would cost 1d8 sanity, or bump up from 1d10 to 1d12, whatever. You get the (nefarious) idea. — Just my 2 cents worth of tuition. From Ian Sandford: Hi Folks I just wanted to big thank you from here in Goatswood. I hit a brick wall writing a scenario based on “From Beyond” but through listening to your banter in podcast 143 my muse returned and blessed me with horrors upon horrors for my players. (Just in time for my game at the UK Games Expo this coming week!) I have not caught up with the podcast for a while but I still have fond memories of playing with you at Gencon a few years back. The memories of Chad’s character being hit by roof tiles after ‘pushing’ his luck too far still make me laugh. Anyway, I am back subscribing and enjoying. BTW – any thoughts on game ideas based around “From Beyond” and other technology based Cthulhu adventures would be very welcome. Though I guess that you probably won’t come up with WW2 German POWs trapped in a Goatswood Prison Camp like me. Cheers, Ian Sandford, Severn Valley, England
Voicemail from “Ritterton from the Columbia River” Voicemail from Mr. Tyler about last episode’s The Great Fire of Meireki

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The affable and scholarly Canageek wrote in to share a link to a recording of The Raven read by none other than Christopher Lee. He says: “Recordings of Poe by Christopher Lee seems like the sort of thing that fans of your podcast might enjoy.”


Now we have a contributor segment from Mr. Tyler, with the third in his series on SATH-ogwa. Once again, if you have any interest in producing a segment for the podcast, please contact


Pre-recorded interview with Lisa Padol of Golden Goblin!]]>

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