MUP 139 – Stirring the Genre Stew

In this episode, Jon, Murph and Chad try a little mashup magic by randomly combining Lovecraftian horror with other RPG genres. This episode was recorded on February 15, 2018.

Campus Crier

Correction: In episode 137 Chad said that the DM’s Guild allows creators to write content for multiple versions of D&D. It doesn’t. It only allows 5th Edition. And (for now) it only allows the Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft settings only. Delta Green is releasing a book of six scenarios called “A Night at the Opera” in hardback. It’s now available for preorder. They are doing a kind of ransom model where they had to get 300 preorders before they would send the thing for print. The Fall of Delta Green, the Ken Hite adaptation of the setting to Trail of Cthulhu, set in “the blistering 1960s” is available in PDF to backers of the Kickstarter. The Fall of Delta Green will be available for further orders from Pelgrane Press “soon.” There is a Punktown update from January: Basically, they have character sheets to add to the book from Dean Engelhardt. Check out The Pallid Mask: King In Yellow tiki mug & RPG. Billy Joel meets HP Lovecraft – listen here! Feedback: iTunes review by drummerdave from USA on January 12, 2018:
Fantastic and funny, Great conversation and in-depth analysis on Cthulhu RPGs and horror themes in general. Funny, unique and interesting. Must subscribe!

Topic – The Genere-rator!

Here is a table we used for generating mashups with Lovecraftian horror. Roll 1d12: 1. Superheroes (V&V, Marvel, Godlike) 2. Espionage (Top Secret, Nights Black Agents) 3. Martial Arts (Bushido, Feng Shui, Legend of the Five Rings) 4. Swashbuckling (7th Sea, Flashing Blades, 50 Fathoms for Savage Worlds) 5. Traditional Fantasy (D&D, DCC, 1 million others) 6. Conspiracy (Esoterrorists, Delta Green, Kult) 7. Cyberpunk (Cyberpunk 2020, Punktown, Corporation) 8. Space Opera / Space Adventure (Traveller, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Frontiers, Star Star) 9. Post Apocalyptic (Gamma World, Car Wars, Mutant Crawl Classics) 10. Transhuman (Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis) 11. Romance (Monster Hearts, Breaking The Ice, Kagematsu) 12. Western (Boot Hill, Deadlands, Down Darker Trails) And here is an extra D6 if you want to add a time period or tech level to the settings: 1. Stone Age 2. Ancient/Medieval 3. Contemporary/Post Industrial 4. Near Future 5. Far Future 6. Alien / Interdimensional]]>

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