MUP 138 – Shan We or Shan't We

  In this episode, Jon, Murph and Chad head back to an old favorite, the Bestiary, to put a little bug in your ears about certain space monster castaways with powers of persuasion.  This episode was recorded on February 1, 2018. Thanks very much to Max for audio editing on this episode!

Campus Crier

There’s a new Kickstarter underway from Stygian Fox! “The Wild Hunt” is an ancient Celtic myth about a force that rampages through the countryside: killing evil-doers and causing havoc. It is a 1920s adventure framed around a hunt that takes investigators “From New York to Boston.” Chaosium has released a sheaf of stuff for the Miskatonic Repository called the Miskatonic Collection, which includes forms, images, play aids and documents. They can be used for props in your own Call of Cthulhu games, but these are also meant for creators to used to spice up submissions to the Miskatonic Repository. Forms in the collection from Dean Englehart include Arkham Sanitarium Forms, City of Arkham Forms, Medical Forms, Telegrams, and more. There are also maps by Stephanie Maclea. Harlem Unbound from Darker Hue Studios is in the hands of backers, and reviews have been excellent. The company has also officially launched a Patreon page! From Chris Spivey: “If you like our work and want to help make safe spaces for diverse voices to be heard, and want to see diverse creatives making beautiful, engaging and authentic pieces that feature people of color – please consider backing us!” Skype of Cthulhu posted its first session about 7 years ago. Jim posted some impressive numbers and an infographic to celebrate.
“Since then we have released 445 actual-play sessions (with another 22 in the backlog) and have no intention of slowing down….The top six (Edwin, Gary, Jim, Jonathan, Max, and Randall) are all current, regular players – which is pretty cool. Our sincere thanks to each and everyone one of you.”
Chad was on Legends of Tabletop with John Haremza and Oscar Rios and Bill Adcock playing Invictus, with a character born during an as-yet un-aired MU Podcast AP with y’all. Horatius the “retired grain inspector” (code for spy in the Second Century Roman empire) joins Iavolenus the bodyguard and Lucius the Centurion on a trek to a remote village in the Alps.



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