MUP 116 – Festival of Audio Horrors

In this episode, the whole cavalcade of MU keepers is back for news updates and a Festival of Audio Horrors. We listen to all of the submissions from last year’s One Minute of Horror contest, and riff on ideas to make them game-able. This episode was recorded on January 24, 2017. Apologies for the lateness of this release. Illness, work schedule, and crappy audio files work together well to kill one’s enthusiasm for editing. Given how long it was to get this out, I hope you can forgive no show art for this one.

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Campus Crier

  • Yog Radio’s News from Pnakotus coming back!
  • Another Kickstarter for Props of Nyarlathotep, you say? Yes, props are in production for the London and Cairo chapters of the Masks of Nyarlathotep.
  • Update on the The Star on the Shore Kickstarter: The Star on the Shore is a Call of Cthulhu sandbox style adventure for the classic 1920s era. It’s already reached the funding goal of $4,000, but there are only a couple of weeks left to pledge!
  • New CALL OF CTHULHU Game Trailer Embraces Lovecraftian Madness – review by Nerdist. Direct link to the trailer: here.
  • Shout Factory is making an animated ‘Lovecraft’ film with Mark Hamill, Jeffrey Combs and Doug Bradley!
  • The Sans-Detour edition has been released for Goodman Games’ Age of Cthulhu #6, #7, #8, and a couple of smaller adventures. The material in the book was written by Jon Hook and Branden LaSalle.
  • Someone posted a data experiment on YSDC to collate info about the “Most Recommended Scenarios Evar.”
  • Chaosium makes a call for convention scenario pitches! Call of Cthulhu is in massive demand at gaming conventions and we seek more scenarios to offer at these events to meet that demand. A wide-release version of this message went out, so join the Cult of Chaos and submit!

Card Catalog

From the Graham wing of the Orne Library: A YouTube channel that hosts old public domain/declassified films. though there are a few such channels, this one stands out for the host’s efforts to clean-up the footage and sound wherever possible. The time period covered is 1918 – 2000s and includes old TV adverts, documentaries, and also some 1970s CIA/FBI training films. The Channel is linked here. And here are a selection of videos: Colt 45 Malt Liquor Commercial (Skydiving Waiter) 1970s CIA Training Film (Made by MI5) ‘Land of the Giants’ 1935 California Travel Documentary And a little something for laughs


Here’s some randomness inspired by the 2016 One Minute of Horror Audio Contest, plus credit for public domain or Creative Commons sound files used in the pieces: “3-Messages,” Keeper Ant All original. No audio files were harmed in the making of this submission. “Daughter of Horror Hotel,” Will S. Audio from this piece was pulled from a film called Horror Hotel or The City of the Dead.

City of the Dead/Horror Hotel by John Llewellyn Moxey, Published 1960, Usage Public Domain:

Daughter of Horror aka Dementia: Published September 1, 2014, Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0,

Some quotes from the film that were cut from the US version in 1960: “I have made my pact with thee O Lucifer! Hear me, hear me! I will do thy bidding for all eternity. For all eternity shall I practice the ritual of Black Mass. For all eternity shall I sacrifice unto thee. I give thee my soul, take me into thy service.” “O Lucifer, listen to thy servant, grant her this pact for all eternity and I with her, and if we fail thee but once, you may do with our souls what you will.” “Make this city an example of thy vengeance. Curse it, curse it for all eternity! Let me be the instrument of thy curse. Hear me O Lucifer, hear me!” Flutes of Azathoth,” Cole Y All original. No audio files were harmed in the making of this submission. “EAS_Activation,” Canageek  All original. No audio files were harmed in the making of this submission. “Lymerics,” Max All original. No audio files were harmed in the making of this submission. “WXXT,” Will S.

Voiceover: Will S. reading from Matthew M. Bartlett’s “Gateways To Abomination”

Thunderstorm sound effect: Recorded by Mike Koenig | License: Attribution 3.0 –

Sony Battery AM Radio Tuning: License: Public Domain | Recorded by SailorMoonFan –

Radio Tuning: License: Personal Use Only –

Thunder: License: Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mike Koenig – Scary And Eerie: License: Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mark DiAngelo – “Straight-to-Voicemail,” John R. All original. No audio files were harmed in the making of this submission. “The Festival,” Ian MacLean Audio used in this piece includes: Spooky Ambiance #1 by KRISTIANKULTA | License: Attribution windy winter day, wind in trees, from distance.wav by lwdickens | License: Creative Commons 0 The Tick-Tock Man,” Cole Y “Playtime_Daddy,” Trevlix Audio used in this piece includes: Hammering-J_Blow-2014925903.mp3 | License: Public Domain | Recorded by J Blow | Creaking Door | License: Public Domain | Recorded by stephan | 50725__rutgermuller__footsteps-on-tiles.wav | License: Creative Commons | Recorded by RutgerMuller | 320376__yadronoff__axe-chopping.wav | License: Creative Commons | Recorded by yadronoff | “Cohesion5,” Ben aka Spiggy All original. No audio files were harmed in the making of this submission. “This is Delta Green,” Bret (Submission disqualified for reasons of copyright anxiety, but YouTube link provided below because you’re welcome).   Discuss this “episode” on the Campus Forum.]]>