MUP 108 – Naming All the Batmans

MUP_108-Naming_All_the_Batmans-800In this episode, all four hosts are in that house to review derived characteristics, alternative ways to determine characteristics, and a few of the “Lovecraftian” occupations to choose from. If you like tangents, random riffing and a complete lack of focus – this is the episode for you! This episode was recorded on August 29, 2016. Campus Crier Murph and Chad had a Cephaloparty in Boston! [caption id="attachment_4853" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Murph and Chad tuck in to a plate of octopus in Boston. Murph and Chad tuck in to a plate of octopus in Boston.[/caption] Check out the three new books from Dark Regions Press, as discussed by Brian Sammons in MUP Episode 107. Sun Spots – the new project by Dave Sokolowski, is slated to launch on September 13. HPLHS’s Dark Adventure Radio Theater is turning a Call of Cthulhu campaign The Fungi from Yuggoth into a 30-s style radio drama! It’s set for release this Halloween. Another Lovecraftiana Kickstarter: a Lovecraft-themed gaming cafe in Providence (but it seems like it didn’t really get off the ground). Innovativ Media (INMG) launches premium online channel, HPLovecraft.TV. The channel’s page is here. Age of Cthulhu 9 printed books should be shipping soon. Jon and Dan got their copies.  Print versions of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition are now available from the Chaosium shop! These books all come with the PDF free. Chaosium’s Cthulhu Coloring Book will available for Christmas preorder later this year. Card Catalog HP Lovecraft’s Advice on Writing Golden Goblin Spotlight The official bookmarks for the Heroes of Red Hook Kickstarter supporters have arrived at the Goblin Lair!

We have a new updated cover, with all our our authors listed, for Heroes of Red Hook,” posted Oscar Rios.
14102185_1190262174378130_4497186232896134479_n Topics  First, we review derived stats: Damage Bonus, Build, Hit Points, Movement Rate and Aging. We also talk about alternative ways to determine characteristics, including: starting over from scratch, modifying low rolls, rolling values and then placing them where you want them, point buying, and Sandy Petersen’s “quick fire” method. We also talk about all the different kinds of Batman. Finally, we delve into some of the traditional occupations from Lovecraft’s fiction, including Antiquarian, Author, Dilettante, Doctor Of Medicine, Journalist, Librarian, Police Detective and Professor. By the way, the only additions and subtractions in the whole occupation list from 6th Edition to 7th Edition are Librarian (new to 7th Edition) and Spokesperson (dropped in 7th Edition). There is also the story of Chad’s first reaction to seeing a room with people sleeping with CPAP machines. Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums.]]>

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