MUP 092 – Mad Skillz and Co-Keeperz

In Episode 92, Keepers Jon, Dan and Chad catch up on a couple of listener-suggested topics, including alternatives to the Call of Cthulhu character advancement and how to use multiple keepers to improve your game. This episode was originally recorded on November 16, 2015. Tech issues caused a delay in release, and the updated Crier Dan recorded was on December 13, 2015. No graphic for this episode, as Photoshop is being uncooperative on the new PC.

Campus Crier

We’re back in business! Dan’s tech issues are fixed, and now we can actually edit these episodes again. The Curious Characters Deck The Phobia Deck The Unfortunate Events Deck The Weapon and Artifacts Deck Sanitarium, Miskatonic University, and Arkham forms PDF bundle Gen Con 2016 to Expand into Lucas Oil Stadium The podcast crew will be taking a break until after New Years because of schedules and commitments. Here is where the November 16 Crier starts-
We’ve got a new precipitously specific update on Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition: Printing has commenced! As for when printing finishes, it will be at least 6 weeks. Shipping from Hong Kong to our fulfillment centers in the US, Europe, and Australia begins immediately thereafter. We’re researching how to set up links to “follow the shipping containers as they sail across the ocean” as other Kickstarters have done.
In a recent episode, The Good Friends of Jackson Elias chat briefly about the first campaign for Pulp Cthulhu: The Two Headed Serpent.
The Good Friends to join the Smart Party for a live episode! Are you going to be at the Dragonmeet convention in London on Saturday the 5th of December? If so, please come and join us for a live special! We will go head-to-pseudopod with Gaz and Baz of the excellent What Would the Smart Party Do? Podcast to discuss whether there is too much Cthulhu in gaming. The seminar will take place at 18:00. Bring a poncho: the first three rows could get wet. The Sentinel Hill Press-cast Episode 1 – Issue #3 Patreon amounts now reflect what we actually get. Click here to sign up if you have a hankering to help. The Masks of Nyarlathotep props Kickstarter is late in fulfilment, and backers organizing for possible legal action. Last update: August 13. Chad reports on CarnageCon 2015, where he ran two games under the umbrella of Golden Goblin Press: Riding the Northbound (a hobo Thanksgiving), and Whisper of Crones, the Invictus scenario he write a couple of years ago. A huge thanks to Gerall on the forums for a gift of a Zoom H1 audio recorder!

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The January 2016 Parcel of Terror has been announced! There’s some great movie and TV art pieces in there, go take a look. Topic 1- We talk about the idea of “Adversaries” in play and the whole idea of using co-Keepers for a game.
Hello, Keepers! Dan, you may recall that we met briefly after the “Future of Chaosium” panel at Gen Con; in the course of talking, I mentioned my actual-play podcast, The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers, and you said to drop you a line after the Con with a reminder. Three months later… 😉 We just wrapped up playing through The Great Pendragon Campaign (20 months of play and 78 sessions!), but we’re primarily fans of horror-gaming. We’re playing through The Big Hoodoo for Trail of Cthulhu right now, and we’ll be tackling Horror on the Orient Express (with CoC 7e) in 2016. (Oh, and here’s the link to our blog/feed: On the topic of Orient Express, I have a question for you all: what are your thoughts on Adversaries/co-Keepers? This is the concept of having a second person in the GM role who plays one or more of the main villains of the campaign, as well as perhaps a selection of minor NPCs. We tried the Adversary approach with The Great Pendragon Campaign, but it didn’t end up working out in the context and structure of the overall campaign (although we did manage to get some interesting villain moments out of it before ultimately ditching it and having the Adversary player join the group as a regular PC). However, I’m thinking with Orient Express, the approach might work better, what with the “Strangers on the Train” booklet and the various baddies to be found throughout the course of the campaign. Just wondering if this was something any of you guys had encountered before, or if you’d consider employing it in any of your games. Thanks–and go ‘Pods! – David
Along the way, we mention two scenarios that call for multiple keepers: Grace Under Pressure and Gatsby and the Great Race. Topic 2- Some players and keepers prefer a more progressive system for character advancement in Call of Cthulhu. For this topic, we riff on an article sent to us by friend-of-the-show Cory. For reference, the skill advancement rules in 7th Edition are on page 94 of the Keeper’s Rulebook, under “Rewards of Experience: The Investigator Development Phase.” In 6th Edition, those rules are on page 53, under “Rewards of Experience.” The progression of skills is essentially the same in both editions. Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum The song at the end is by the wonderful Mikey Mason.]]>

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