MUP 091 – Feed the Badger… lots of popcorn

MUP_091-Feed_the_Badger_lots_of_popcorn-800In Episode 91, Keepers Murf, Jon, and Dan welcome guest Badger McInnis, mastermind of the Feed the Shoggoth card game, and attendee of the recent HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland. This episode was recorded on November 3, 2015.

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The Delta Green RPG Kickstarter wrapped up a very successful campaign with 2,533 backers pledging $362,324. Jon introduces us to Blackout: Journey Into Darkness, a cooperative board game that takes the dungeon crawl idea, and brings it into the post apocalyptic survival genre with Mythos-ish monsters. In an update from Oscar at Golden Goblin Press tells us that friend of the show, community member, and artist extraordinare Ian MacLean will be doing to cover art for Dread Shadows in Paradise, the Caribbean based Mythos fiction anthology edited by Brian Sammons!  


Good evening gentlemen, I just found the podcast courtesy of Stitcher suggesting it (listening to episode 90 now) and really enjoying the discussion.  Though, I have to say I’m still of the camp that it’s a byakee in The Festival.  Food for thought on it – consider the “Montauk monster” from a few years back and how it was misidentified.  I can’t wait to check out the back catalog of episodes. Beyond thanking you for good edutainment, I have a request and a suggestion. The request:  I’m one of the organizers of a gaming convention dedicated to tabletop social games (board games, miniatures games, RPGs, etc.) that will be holding our third year in Warwick, RI Feb. 5-7 2016 –  I’m actively trying to grow our role playing game presence and, as a fan of CoC, I’d love to see some Keepers running sessions (especially since we feature around the clock gaming) throughout the weekend.  Can you help me put the call out for keepers and players?  We’re actively taking submissions from organizers of game sessions. Now the suggestion:  If you haven’t seen it yet, a friend of mine in the publishing industry has a really cool Kickstarter going on that I think you and your listeners might find interesting. Thanks in advance folks and would love to see if MU could make it to CaptainCon next year. Best, Paul Shoemaker Director of Operations, CaptainCon

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December Parcel of Terror theme announced: Vampires! A few hints of what to expect: A monstrous addition to the slasher magnet series A vampiric wall plaque Prints, stickers and candy!!!

Topic 1-

We talk about Feed the Shoggoth with Badger, and the fun of using your apartment as a warehouse to package games. There may be some unexpected surprises in the boxes, depending on who packed it and how much they had to drink.

Topic 2-

We talk about the HPL film fest, and some of the movies that stuck out in Badger’s mind. The Final Prayer Black Mountain Side (2014) Lead Paint The Mill at Calder’s End IMDB Listing Here are the best photos of the Wilbur Whateley statue I could find. Blurry Photos covers the Portland Shanghai Tunnels   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum]]>

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