MU Podcast Episode 033 – Sowing Scenario Seeds

In this episode, we’ve got an extended Campus Crier segment with lots of updates on the 7th Edition and Island of Ignorance Kickstarters, with good news for our author-in-residence, Keeper Jon. Then, we hear some insider insight about how to spin your ideas into fully-fledged scenarios to run for your group. This episode is shorter than most, but we think it still has fun discussion and content. Behind the scenes issues lead to the exclusion of some of our other usual side bits.   Campus Crier With only moments to spare in the Kickstarter, Jon’s scenario made into the Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion! Congratulations! Meanwhile, Call of Cthulhu 7e Kickstarter has been plowing through its stretch goals. Dan issues a second notice that we’ll be pulling our feed off of Feedburner. Please note: you probably won’t notice. Most subscriptions will just continue normally. If anything happens, let us know right away and resubscribe using the link on this page. For more information, check out this excellent explanation from the Audacity to Podcast. And an eldritch thanks to our new show sponsors, Toni (TAK on the forum) and R.J. MacReady. Much appreciated, guys. Listener support is totally keeping this little podcast ship afloat. Card Catalog Introducing our hidden online resource for Keepers: The University of Texas Libraries maps archive. There are zillions of wicked-awesome historical maps here. Check ’em out! Main Topic This week’s topic comes to us via a forum post from Trevlix, who asked:

I would love to hear you guys talk about sources of inspiration. It seems that I come up with a great idea for a scenario (to me at least), then I get to writing it and get discouraged part-way through. How do you guys stay inspired and where do you get ideas from? (Apart from the awesome history lessons on the podcast).
Jon walks us through his process for getting scenario ideas onto the page. As an example, he tells us about a work-in-progress surrounding Theodore Roosevelt’s famous expedition into the Amazon basin. For reference, you can find books on the topic from YSDC forum fixture FNH here, and here. If you want to hear FNH read the whole book of Through the Brazilian Wilderness, listen to the Cthulhu Podcast starting with episode 32 and finishing in episode 116. And check out FNH’s book on Henry M. Stanley in Africa here. We also mention an actual play from Role Playing Public Radio, where the gang playtests a WWI scenario that is set for release by Pagan Publishing, “Dig to Victory”. The Campus Forum topic to discuss this episode is here.]]>

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