MU Podcast Campus Crier Supplemental

Keepers Chad and Dan recorded episode 67 on November 2, but the audio came out poorly and Dan wasn’t able to get it cleaned up enough for a full episode release. Here is the Crier segment pulled out and cleaned as well as possible.

Campus Crier

  • In case you missed it, check out Bret Kramer’s Octoberganza posts on the Arkham Gazette blog. He successfully posted one item per day during the month of October. The posts are rich material for Keepers, including obscure locations like Sefton, Massachusetts, disasters in New England, an interview with Mike Mason about Lovecraft Country, maritime history, there’s a forgotten section on Kingsport from Kevin Ross in Unspeakable Oath #4 (completely out of print, got Kevin’s permission to reprint it, who also had to clear it with the powers that be)
  • In other Arkham Gazette news, Bret has announced that he secured an official licence from Chaosium, which means probably a Kickstarter and other great things to come.
  • Speaking of space horror games (as heard in Episode 66), Cthulhu Strange Aeons, a horror future-space RPG, was announced in May, KS Launched. Authors include: Scott Glancy, Rob Schwalb, Oscar Rios, Jeffrey Moeller and Sean Molley. It’s be announced for a while, and you can find more info here.
  • Speaking of Strange Aeons, the miniatures skirmish game of that name is ending its Kickstarter today (Nov. 2).
  • Geek and Sundry wargaming vlogger Teri Litorco played some Strange Aeons with its creator, if you want to check out how it looks.
  • The Gamers Table podcast has been releasing a Call of Cthulhu actual play campaign called The Stygian Fragment. It’s been edited into an audio drama with great production values, much like Tower of the Ape, their Hyborian-setting game.

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