MU Podcast 026 – Borrowing Walmsley

graham_interviewThis week, we chat with Graham Walmsley, author of numerous Trail of Cthulhu scenarios, as well as the books Stealing Cthulhu and Play Unsafe, and the rules-light Lovecraftian system Cthulhu Dark. We didn’t have a side topic for this episode, but we do have a nice long conversation from an e-mail sent in by a listener. Campus Crier: Episode 26 has the first Shout-Outs for our listener sponsor program. Thank you all so much to all the community members that have helped us to cover outstanding expenses. Card Catalog: The Card Catalog for this episode is from our forums. Maps, Mapping, and You. From Koakai Then we have three more threads that supply a wealth of 1920’s information for Boston from Logar. Boston Map 1921 Boston Region 1922 – Hotels / Prices Boston Region 1922 – Boarding room / Apartment prices Main Topic: This episode’s Main Topic is the interview with Graham. Please be aware that Graham uses some adult language in the interview. If you listen to the show in speakers with kids around, you might want to switch to headphones. We talk a lot about Stealing Cthulhu and Cthulhu Dark. And we also hear about his upcoming Jon Pertwee 3rd Doctor source book for Cubicle 7‘s Doctor Who RPG. The full collection of books can be seen here. Mikey Mason‘s work can be found here and here.

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