MU Podcast 23 – Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

MUP_23_InvictusThis week, we’re starting to sift through the sands of time to explore particular eras that are available for Call of Cthulhu — we start with Invictus: Lovecraftian tales in the age of the Roman Empire. We also cover 7th Edition’s proposed changes to the skill list,  some thoughts about using the Mythos skill, and another show-and-tell from Monterey Jack, with an invention to help with watery escapes. Campus Crier • Voting is underway right now for the Build an Elder God contest! The entries are posted, and the community is currently able to vote on them to determine the winner. The voting will be open until January 22, 2013. That’s only two days after this episode drops, so get over there if you haven’t already! • 1D4 Con 2013: James from the 1D4Cast (known as amvteknoboy on our forum) has announced a new gaming convention in northern Virginia coming up in April. April 26-28, a 3-day pass is $20 for pre-registration, $25 at the door, and a $10 discount for anyone who runs three games while table slots are still available. More details on the convention website or on the forum thread here. • In response to some discussion of the Fate system in our pulp episode, FNH emailed a link to a document he created on how to incorporate insanity into that system. By the way, the Kickstarter for a Fate system core rule book still has a few days left! • We get another excellent voicemail from Brian Courtemanche in Massachusetts, in which he responded to Pulp Up the Volume with a little background on the as-yet unpublished Pulp Cthulhu supplement. He also mentions: BRP Astounding Adventures, a pulp source book that could easily inform a pulp-style Call of Cthulhu campaign. Blood Brothers Book II features a Lucha Libre adventure just like the one we mused about in MUP Episode 21. Bret Kramer also mentioned that scenario in our YSDC thread a couple of weeks back.  Looks to be an excellent book, with lots of great B-Movie scenarios. • By the way, Bret also mentioned that he didn’t know of any scenarios with Gugs in them, but that you could easily fit them into an adventure called “His Wildest Dreams” from The Unbound Book #0. Oh, and the cheese that you eat with live maggots in it is from Sardinia, not Corsica. It’s called Cazu Marsu. • Trevlix mentioned Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) on our forum as an awesome Pulp RPG, with an adventure called “Frozen City of Terror” that seems similar to Mountains of Madness. Oh, and he mentions the intriguing Pulpfest in Columbus, OH coming up this summer. • Going back a bit, Eibon rightfully called Keeper Chad out for saying Lovecraft was unfamiliar with Theosophy before Lumley pushed it on him, and offered a really excellent article from Bob Price about HPL’s relationship with Theosophy that you can read here. • We also mention Koakai’s amazing posts in National History Honors Society about his archaeology work in Ecuador, with awesome photos of bone-inlaid floors and tombstone staircases, as well as all kinds of great posts about creepy history. History Lecture There’s no lecture from Doctor Gerard this week, but here’s a list of excellent history podcasts to tide you over. Hardcore History with Dan Carlin Stuff you Missed in History Class The History of the World in 100 Objects The Military History podcast BBC History Magazine BBC 4’s In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg The History of Rome History According to Bob Jon mentions his tour with Bob at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City. Monterey Jack: The Klepper Jack This week brings another visit from our intrepid professor, and a seminar on his souped-up portable battle kayak for navigating the world’s treacherous rivers. 7th Edition Playtest This week we cover proposed changes to the skill list, including consolidations, Note: We’re planning to wrap up our coverage of the 7e playtest soon. We’re months on from when the version we have was shared, and there have likely been many changes by now. How to Use the Mythos Skill For our side topic, we talk about how to handle players’ requests for a Mythos skill check. The topic was suggested by Gladius,who is running an actual play game that you can listen to Signals from Celaeno – The Legacy of Arrius Lurco Live Play. Main Topic: Roman era – AKA: Invictus! We mention Invictus campaign materials like The Legacy Of Arrius Lurco by Oscar Rios from Miskatonic River Press. Here’s a list of other books to support the Invictus setting: Cthulhu Invictus Companion – a fully laid out and edited setting companion book from Chaosium. Cthulhu Invictus Bestiae – an Invictus bestiary. Cthulhu Invictus Patrocinium – notes on Roman patronage. Cthulhu Invictus Populus – full of NPCs for your Invictus campaign. Cthulhu Invictus Fabulae – scenario seeds. Malum Umbra – Chaosium’s first monograph companion for the setting. Extrico Tabula – “Expanding Borders,” the second monograph companion from Chaosium. Lux in Tenebras – a kind of Invictus starter kit from Miskatonic River Press. Rome: The Life and Death of the Republic — a non-mythos BRP Sourcebook for historical setting details. Good sources of inspiration include the HBO series Rome, and Spartacus, 300- graphic novel, & movie. You can even see what lies beneath modern day Rome. And if all that serious stuff gets old, let Mel Brooks and Monty Python remind you that sweaty men with swords wearing sheets are hilarious. We would also love to hear your ideas for topics for us to talk about. Send us a note directly, or go to the Campus Forum with your ideas! Here is the discussion thread on the Campus forum, and this is the discussion thread for this podcast posted on the Yog-Sothoth forums.]]>

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