MU Podcast 075 – Dust-up on the Dunes

Download the episode MUP_075_Dust-up_on_the_Dunes-800 Episode 75 sees Jon and Dan back from the Bestiary and trying to get sand out of their stuff (I hate sand, it gets everywhere). Then they crack open the digital goodness of the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition rules to look at how combat works now. This episode was recorded on March 22, 2015.

Campus Crier

Keepers Jon and Dan received more mysterious postcards. This time from Italy. Make of them what you will!   [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="3267,3265,3263,3266,3391,3369,3367,3370,3368"] Dan’s Scotland Postcard Dear Dr K, Arrived safely in the Scottish capital after the coloquium. My host showed us a number of charming bars in the historic old town. I became aware that a rough fellow was trailing us and my suspicions were confirmed when he made an attempt to steal the fragment (tracing shown here). However, it is secure and I shall follow your suggestion in Italy. A chap named Hook may look you up he is trustworthy. Yours, G Dan’s Italy Postcard THE CORRIDOR KRAMER WE HAVE IGNORED THE MOST OBVIOUS approach a vector they can use to tunnel directly into our minds it is not underground but an overground threat in plain sight twisting in ways which defy any map LOOK BENEATH AND ABOVE to see both at the same time and into your psyche. DO NOT TRUST HOOK HE WAS BEHIND IT they are inside (the rest was not clear in the scan) Jon’s Scotland Postcard Dear JH, I succeeded in making the aquaintance of that certain fellow we discussed. He caused quite a scene at the Inverness colloquium. Nevertheless, he agrees with you that the seal is likely to pre-date the Renaissance. Will investigate further upon arrival in Italy. See sketch of the fragmente as req.d. (signed) G P.S. Expect contact from a fellow named KRAMER. Jon’s Italy Postcard YOU WERE RIGHT HOOK It stirs beneath the very streets here its carrion breath encoded in every tile the whimsy of every under talented scholar let loose on those accursed streests with a box of stinking tunnel charcoal it reams beneath and watches our soles DO NOT TRUST KRAMER DO NOT TRUST KRAMER DO NOT TRUST KRAMER HE SEES WITH THEIR EYES (Inside the Yellow Sign quarter) – it devours within we are the ones bringing the doom light which is not light within our blood they smell our difference no call no relevance we are beneath and above    

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The Bestiary

We pull our Stillsuits out of storage once again to find another denizen of the desert wastes, Sand Dwellers! Here is the cover of Jon’s book to show a great rendition of a Sand Dweller. Timeless_Sands_of_India   Sidebar Koalas are cute at a distance, but utterly disgusting animals.

Main Topic

Jon and Dan cover the first components of the new combat system for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. Nutshell Version: All attacks are resolved using opposed rolls from the attacker and defender. Defenders of melee attacks have the choice of Fight Back, Dodge, or do nothing. (We don’t recommend the last one for survival) If a weapon needs practice to be good with it, like a sword, then it should have its own skill. Otherwise simple or improvised weapons use Brawling. Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums]]>

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