MU Podcast 071 — The Worm Has Turned

MUP_071_The_Worm_Has_TurnedIn episode 71, Keepers Dan, Murf and Chad grab their Thumpers and hop onto an old Shai Hulud as we bore into the Bestiary for a tour of Lovecraftian worms, worms and more worms. We had a last minute schedule change on this one, so hang on to your Maker Hooks — it’s all a bit fly-by-night! This episode was recorded on February 1, 2015.

Campus Crier

  • Ohh. Pretty. Red Equinox — The Red Equinox has dawned, and the old gods who have slept for aeons are stirring…
Urban explorer and photographer Becca Philips was raised in the shadow of Miskatonic University, steeped in the mysteries of her late grandmother’s work in occult studies. But what she thought was myth becomes all too real when cultists unleash terror on the city of Boston. Now she’s caught between a shadowy government agency called SPECTRA and the followers of an apocalyptic faith bent on awakening an ancient evil. As urban warfare breaks out between eldritch monsters and an emerging police state, she must uncover the secrets of a family heirloom known as the Fire of Cairo to banish the rising tide of darkness before the balance tips irrevocably at the Red Equinox.
  • Cthulhu’s name has been invoked in comedic video game Lovecraft spoof called “Gibbous”.
Out of the heart of Romania, from deepest Transylvania, comes the announcement of a 2D point-and-click comic adventure about… Cthulhu? Yes, there’s not a vampire in sight in Stuck in Attic’s Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure, a game that “lovingly spoofs” the works of one H. P. Lovecraft. Gibbous will seek to take the writer’s dark subject matter, creatures, and locations, and give them a light-hearted, contemporary twist in the style of classic LucasArts adventure favorites.
  • Dynamite Entertainment is set to bring ‘Reanimator’ — a comic based on its namesake — back to life.
  • Unspeakable Words, the beloved Cthulhu Word Game, is getting a new edition. Players earn points based on the number of angles in the letters in their words.
  • For no good reason all, here’s Erin Gray in a purple jumpsuit. And a blue one. Nerds of the 80’s, you’re welcome.
  • Oh, that’s right, she was in the Tabletop episode in which they played Unspeakable words…
  • Darkraven Soundscapes has come out with another volume of Cthulhu-Fantasy & Horror Music.
  • Check out Rise of Cthulhu – A card game of influence and horror.
  • Metal heads, check out: ANTHROPIA a new album based on the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • And we’ve got a new MUP shirt and merch provider called Spreadshirt. T-shirts are now around half the price of what they were.

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Ok, we know we’re just making up segments here. But we wandered down the Podcast worm hole, so here’s a tidy list of shows we mentioned: Murph: Dan: Chad:

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The March items have been revealed for Parcel of Terror!

Main Topic

Back to the Bestiary! And this time, it’s all about Dholes! And Bholes! And some Cthonians on the side! Know who might have some insight to add? The Worm Dude. Watch this: Leech vs. Worm. And then there’s that whole “Bobbit Worm” thing that’s going around. The Mongolian Death Worm — Maybe an inspiration for worm-loving Mythos writers? It was featured on Monster Talk, on Blurry Photos, and on a “website” called “Wiki-pedia.” Worm Movies — could that really be a genre? What are your favorite additions? Tremors Burrowers Dune Director’s Cut Dune (The far more book-accurate TV mini-series) Children of Dune, Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah / Godzilla Vs. Mothra (1992) – Set [Blu-ray] Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002) / Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack – Set [Blu-ray] Godzilla: Final Wars / Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. – Set [Blu-ray] Rebirth of Mothra / Rebirth of Mothra II / Rebirth of Mothra III – Vol [Blu-ray] And in talking about how to use Dholes in games, we talked about how to make a post-Dhole apocalypse, in the model of Pelgane Press’s Cthulhu Apocalypse   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forums.]]>

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