MU Podcast 070 – I love the smell of Mythos in the morning

MUP_070_I_love_the_smell_of_Mythos_in_the_morningIn episode 70, Keepers Murf and Dan are joined by Keeper Scott Dorward for a show that means WAR! This episode was recorded on January 18, 2015.    

Campus Crier: Nightmare World        
  • The Thing on the Doorstep is finally out on DVD. Winner of the Lovecraft Film Festival’s Best Feature Film Award in 2013
  • NecronomiCON has updated the Gaming section and are now taking submissions from people looking to run a game at the CON. More info at their website.
  BEST BOARD/CARD GAME- The Doom That Came to Atlantic City BEST GAMING MAGAZINE- Runners-Up: The Arkham Gazette BEST TABLETOP BASED FICTION- Runners-Up: Delta Green: Tales From Failed Anatomies BEST ART- Runners-Up: Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition Core Rulebook BEST RE-MAKE/RE-RELEASE- Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express Runners-Up: Call of Catthulhu Deluxe, Cathulhu: Velvet Paws on Cthulhu’s Trail BEST ADVENTURE (COLLECTION OR CAMPAIGN)- Tales of the Crescent City: Adventures in Jazz-Era New Orleans  
  • Murf got in hisHotOE Box Set!
    • it is huge
    • it is awesome
  • He also got inWarpo Spawn of Cthulhu figurine
    • it is on a card
    • it is awesome

Cryptocurium Spotlight-

Parcel_of_Terror-January-items 2_800Prepare yourself to receive a “Parcel of Terror” every month containing an assortment of handmade items that represent the horror genre in all its forms. From Lovecraft to Slasher Flicks you can expect a wide diversity of ghoulish goodies in each box! There are also Predator Magnets still in stock!    

Side Topic

Character’s with experience as soldiers in their back story. Items mentioned in the discussion include: Island of Ignorance: The Third Cthulhu Companion “Johnny Came Marching Home: Mechanics for Playing a Military Veteran” by Oscar Rios—Flesh out your Great War veteran’s back story like never before.   The 1939 film The Roaring Twenties Wikipedia article

Main Topic

The idea comes from our Eldritch Emeritus, Todd, who had the idea as a sponsor topic.
    I had an opportunity to reflect on what I’d like to see in an MUP episode, and I’ve come up with a proposal. Tentatively titled “This Means War!”, the episode would cover military matters in Call of Cthulhu. Consider the following:      There has been a recent surge of interest in military topics. Witness, most recently, Cubicle 7’s World War Cthulhu and Modiphius’s Achtung! Cthulhu, Pelgrane’s Soldiers of Pen and Ink (for ToC), as well as Chaosium’s  (much older) No Man’s Land and  Shadows of War.     Characters with military-themed occupations are often very interesting and useful in the Classic, Modern and Gaslight settings, even if they are no longer on active duty.     Despite the claim that the Great War was “The War To End All Wars”, several major conflicts break out during the CoC Classic period, including, but not limited to, the Russian Civil War, the Chinese Civil War, the Russo-Polish War, and, edging into the Pulp-era, the Spanish Civil War, which is a personal favorite of mine. Warfare almost invariably involves widespread political instability, destruction of economic infrastructure and the breakdown of social norms, creating a fertile bed for the seeds of eldritch horror and Things Man Was Not Meant To Know to take root and fester in the chaos and ruins. And, while the 20th Century heralded an age of increasingly devastating technologies, the collective psyche of Western Civilization, unhinged by the pointless death of a generation, is open and defenseless to those perils which loom from beyond space and time.
Items mentioned in the discussion include: Cubicle 7’s World War Cthulhu line Achtung Cthulhu Cthulhu Tech Delta Green The Void The Good Friends of Jackson Elias Episode 44 – The Good Friends take up arms (and pseudopods)   Christopher Lee is more badass than any of the roles he’s played! Wiki Site 2 Site 3 Site 4 Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum.]]>

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