MU Podcast 064 – Suppressive Fire and Shelves of Mythos

In episode 64, we cover auto fire rules for Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition, and we talk with Brian about all the many and varied projects he has in the works and on the shelves. This episode was recorded on September 7, 2014.

Campus Crier

Horrors of War, A Covenant with Death, from Adam Scott Glancy is well past its funding goal, and has another 20-ish days to go until the campaign is done. A new KickStarter from artist Rhonda Libbey for new Mythos themed Bicycle playing cards. Cthulhu Reborn Geoff Gillan’s “Machine King” has been released! MISKATONIC WEST: A web series based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Miskatonic University has a West Coast campus, and it is the center of an attempt to awaken the primordial god Dagon from the vast unknown depths of the Pacific Ocean in “Miskatonic West,” a new webseries set in H.P. Lovecraft’s literary universe. Professor Sousaku Kaos, head of the Biology department, and his intrepid students pull back the curtain on a world of monsters, magic, and mystery as they race against time to stop the Esoteric Cult of Dagon from their eldritch undertaking. Will Kaos and his students prevail, or will the Esoteric Cult of Dagon succeed in unleashing unnameable horrors into the world? Miskatonic West is the creative spawn of Harry Kakatsakis and Noah James Butler, who are currently crowd funding to help make the inaugural episode. The creators hope that their efforts will in turn launch a complete first season. “The Southern California setting gives us the opportunity to contribute something new to the Mythos while honoring Lovecraft’s original work,” says Moore. “After all, we know who waits dreaming in the Pacific Ocean.” “Maintaining Truth, Virtue and Courage in the face of infinite darkness.” They launched a Kickstarter to get funding for the first episode of the series as a proof of concept. Mythos Expeditions from Pelgrane now available to the public! The print book is available in their shop, but no sign of PDF only yet.    

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The Witch House Collection A prop collection of items inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s tale, “The Dreams in the Witch House”

Side Topic

Listener Feedback- Sam writes us:
Really enjoyed your last podcast number 62. Heck I haven’t heard one yet that wasn’t good. Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I’m jealous not able to make it to GenCon, I haven’t been to a con in decades. Oh that makes me sound old. I do have a question about combat. I never understood the rules for shotgun and for autofire. So I would just make up my own house rules for them. So could you go over them? I know you will go over them for 7e when it comes out, but I would like to have 6e down first. Keep up the good work and don’t stop what you’re doing PLEASE!!!!!! you guys are awesome!!!!!
Murf made a mistake, not a hoodoo gun, but a Howdah gun, and therefore Howdah box… “Except at the lowest charge, shooting the pistol can only be described as ‘brutal’ – my knuckles were bruised, and my wrists felt like they were hit with a bat. “ 6e Call of Cthulhu stats: Skill- Shotgun base +10% Range- 5 yards Damage- 1D10 + 2D6 + 7 (Assuming both barrels are fired at once, and contain one with shot, the other with a slug.)

Main Topic

Brian seems to like to keep so many irons in the fire that he can barely see the coals. Here is a listing of the projects he mentioned, past, present, and future. World War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War Stories by Dark Regions Press Amazon link Also, Brian is now the Weird Fiction lead for Dark Regions Press! The book has done well enough that World War Cthulhu 2 will be published!   Brian edited a book called The Dark Rites of Cthulhu for April Moon Books. Brian is working on a Werewolf and other shapechanger anthology with April Moon!   Chaosium Game books- Call of Cthulhu book with Chaosium for eventual publication. (No release date yet) Doors to Darkness– Scenarios designed to introduce new Keepers to CoC. Kevin Ross- intro Scenarios by: Brian Sammons Christopher Smith Adair Brian Courtemanche Tom Lynch Glynn Barrass Blood Brothers 3! A Time to Harvest– Campaign by Brian and friends. Fiction- Steampunk Cthulhu Brian is doing with with Golden Goblin Press De Horrico Cosmico Kickstarter will feature an Invictus fiction anthology as a stretch goal called: “Tales of Cthulhu Invictus” There was mention of the scenario Brian wrote for Tales of the Sleepless City from Miskatonic River Press. Brian is also a recurring guest on the podcast Evil Episodes.   Discuss this episode on the Campus Forum!]]>

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