MU Podcast 061- Dark Times on the Road to Leng

MUP_061_Dark_Times_on_the_Road_to_LengIn this episode, it’s another visit to the bestiary to examine the inscrutable “almost-humans” of capricious highlands. And for the main topic, we get all medieval on your a**. Plus news, and more!

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R’lyeh Towers from Joe  Broers have shipped! We are cancelling the official Alumni Dinner private room reservation at The Ram on Thursday from 4 to 7, but we’ll be gathering there informally anyway if you want to stop by. If you do plan to make it, please let us know on the forum thread so we have an idea of how many tables to reserve. Also, check out the Campus Forum thread for progress on Ian MacLean’s Cthulhu picture! From Sentinel Hill Press: a preview of Graveyards of Lovecraft Country, a forthcoming resource book by Bret Kramer. The layout on the preview is done by none other than the “fifth Beatle” of MUP, Scriven. Art by Galen Pejeau and Chris Huth. Check out the preview PDF here! Check out Black Sugar: a Lovecraftian short film that packs a lot of cosmic spooky into 11 minutes. Chad will be play testing an original setting and storytelling magic system for Savage Worlds at GenCon called “Pellikoi: Typhoon Islands.” The players are mortal mythic heroes in a primeval world full of animist spirits that evoke the folklore of the Pacific islands. It’s kind of like an RPG if Myazaki’s “Spirited Away” had a baby with Sid Meier’s “Civilization.” Stop by the First Exposure Playtest Hall Friday and Saturday morning from 8:00-10:00, and Saturday afternoon from 1-3. Ennies voting until July 30! Here is the Nominee list, and here is where you vote! Lots of CoC friendly stuff in there! Europe Ablaze! A World War Cthulhu free PDF Ripples from Carcosa gets the full book treatment beyond Monograph form. Tales of the Crescent City is shipping. MUP Intro in Swedish, from Magnus MUP Intro in Manx, from Shimmin Beg Sponsor Shout Out- Grizzled Veteran Listener Feedback- We got an e-mail from new member TheStoryTeller. This is a message with several questions, so it’s going to be covered as a side on an upcoming show.

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This Card Catalog features The Medieval Bestiary- Animals of the Middle Ages.

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Men of Leng  

Main Topic

Cthulhu Dark Ages The Pastores The Ravenar Sagas Dark Crusades Spirits & Dreams of the Viking Age Caligo Accedendum Tournament The Abbey A New Jerusalem   Scenarios: The Vampire of Schwarzbrunn – Worlds of Cthulhu #1 Malevolence – Worlds of Cthulhu #3 The Demons of Hithfenn – Book of Dark Wisdom #2 Island of the Damned – Caligo Accedendum Touramentem (monograph) Risam Vellere The Innocent Herald to the Yellow King – Ripples from Carcosa (monograph) Moon of the Hunter – Strange Tales of Dread and Wonder #1 (monograph) A Ring of Toadstools – Halloween Horror 2 (monograph) The Dragon and the Wolf – Bride of Halloween Horror (monograph) Articles: Cthulhu Dark Ages Errata, On Gaming in Averoigne, Averoigne Occupations, Skills for Dark Ages Averoigne – Worlds of Cthulhu #1 A Gazetteer of Averoigne, the Library of Averoigne – Worlds of Cthulhu #2 The House of Wisdom, An Averoigne Bestiary, The Averoigne Grimoire, Magical Items of Averoigne, France in the 13th Century – Worlds of Cthulhu #3 Insanity and Faith in Averoigne – Worlds of Cthulhu #4 Constantinople 1000 AD – Worlds of Cthulhu #5 To learn about the Averoigne setting (pronounced: ahv-er-OWN) from Clark Ashton Smith, listen to The Double Shadow: A Clark Ashton Smith Podcast. Talk about the episode on the Campus Forum.]]>

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