MU Podcast 058 – Warpo is Kicking it Old School!

MUP_058_Warpo_is_Kicking_it_Old_SchoolIn episode 58, Jon, Murf and Dan cover the common issue of replacing dead, mangled, or mad player characters in a long campaign. Then Dan chats with the heads of Warpo Toys, the company that dares to bring us the Cthulhu Mythos toys that 1979 didn’t have the guts to give us!

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We have been nominated for a Parsec Award! The category we’re going for is: Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific) (News and commentary podcasts created by and for the fans of a given type of literary or entertainment work or series of works that have elements of speculative fiction (e.g. podcasts focused on H. P. Lovecraft, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or the World of Time).) We only get a 10 minute clip to showcase our podcast, so we’ll see how it goes. Finalists will be announced in late July, and the winner is announced at at Dragon*Con in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend, Aug 29 – Sep 1, 2014. We missed the window to get in on the ENnies this year. Jon’s new book, Age of Cthulhu 8: Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng Kickstarter is going strong, and is now working its way through stretch goals!   Alumni Dinner signups will continue until July 21st to determine if we can hold it. If we reach the minimum, then we’ll continue taking signups until August 1st. Just go to to sign up.

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Luminescent-Mi-Go-Artifact_splitLUMINESCENT MI-GO ARTIFACT From the journal of Prof. Albert M. Wilmarth: “An odd relief sculpture carved from a luminescent stone found on the Mi-Go home planet. Depicts an idealized Mi-Go among yet to be deciphered alien hieroglyphs. Artifact emits a green glow when in darkness.” Hand cast in solid phosphorescent resin and individually signed and numbered by artist Jason McKittrick GLOWS IN THE DARK Item measures 4.25″ x 5.75″ $40 +shipping  

Side Topic- Feedback Questions

Feedback from Wolf- Hi guys, „keep writing in“, you said. Be careful what you wish for… Here‘s my next e-mail. Today, I have a question from the perspective of a player. Our group is still playing „Masks of Nyarlathotep“. After exactly one year real time, we‘ve left New York in a hurry and have arrived in London. Our group has lost two of four PCs, yet. One crippled to the wheelchair, one killed, turned into an undead and cremated by his shaken comrades. The third one narrowly escaped a certain artist‘s relative and is now on the edge of insanity. So far, nothing uncommon for this campaign, I suppose? At this rate, I should be prepared for replacing my character, soon… Here‘s my question: Which plausible way do you as experienced keepers & players suggest to create backup-characters who have a) a connection to the initial pc-group and b) a motivation to further follow the trail into death and/or madness? And c), how could my initial character hand down the informations he has gathered to the backup? It should neither become meta-gaming nor playing Call of Cthulhu in a „choose your own adventure“ style: The player (me) should not (have to) rely on knowledge he gathered with previous investigators, but there should be a credible way that said predecessor can convey the essential insights (=plot points) to the new character. Well, that‘s three questions, I hope you don‘t mind. But I believe this topic could be interesting for other, less experienced players, too. Maybe you can discuss this in one of the next podcasts. Thank you for your advice in advance. Best regards, Wolf
  In the discussion, Murf brings up the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion, available to Patrons of Jon mentions Through the Brazilian Wilderness Or My Voyage Along the River of Doubt, the book by Teddy Roosevelt chronicling his adventure exploring an unmapped tributary of the Amazon. Other links about this event are The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey   Here is a Wiki article on the exploration. And an NPR story about it: Tracing Roosevelt’s Path Down the ‘River of Doubt’ There is also Mythos gaming related content. FNH produced a book of the adventure with game notes and character stats, called Cthulhu and The River Of Doubt. We did a review of it some time ago.  

Main Topic

Dan has an interview with Bryan, Eric, and Tommy, founders of Warpo Toys about their new company and their premier line, Legends of Cthulhu. Now on Kickstarter! LoC_Group_set     Discuss what you heard on this show on our Campus Forums here.]]>

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