MU Podcast 055 – The Secrets of our Mistakes

MUP_055_The_Secrets_of_our_MistakesIn episode 55, Dan, Jon and Chad take a walk through the Hall of Shame and put some of our worst Keeper decisions on display. It isn’t pretty. We also chat about our favorite “secrets of” resource and setting books from Chaosium. Plus an update on our IndieGogo campaign, and more!    

Campus Crier (recorded on May 4th, 2014)

  • Ken Hite’s Ken Writes About Stuff column for Pelgrane Press is heading into its second subscription year! Next up, he conducts horrific thought experiments on the unnatural denizens known as Dark Young.
  • Filmmaker Jason Huls posted a link to his Lovecraftian short on Google+:
MU students! I just put my Lovecraft-inspired film, Beyond the Basement Door, up on youtube. Wanna take a peek? Might be some arcane secrets inside…
  • Bret Kramer’s Arkham Gazette issue #2 is — imminent! Keep a lookout for an interview with him about this issue with Murph and Chad in tow.
  • Chaosium has announced another delay in the delivery date for 7th Edition. Sigh. Read all about it on their Kickstarter page here.
  • Note — in the comments section Mike Mason clarifies the reason for the delay:
The delay caused by art runs us into the fulfilment period for Orient Express (which of course takes hands away from 7th edition, causing a further delay) and also pushes on convention season. It’s not a single thing, but a number of conjoining factors I’m afraid. Sorry.

Go, IndieGogo, Go!

The MUP IndieGoGo campaign reached its $1000 funding goal in just under 24 hours! Thank you to everyone who contributed. We are all overwhelmed. This will get us to GenCon and help us purchase the equipment and website upgrades that we talked about. We’re all pitching in to reduce our costs for GenCon so more of that money will go to those long-term improvements. And now we’re working on stretch goals! The campaign will keep running through May 31. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we’re offering perks like original scenarios, story readings, items from Joe Broers and Cryptocurium, and exclusive games at GenCon! We already have one person signed up for Jon’s game. For our stretch goals, we’re going to add some extra content to push us to the next level. Take a sneak peek at unaired Jimmy & Prof episodes! Get a first listen of spanking new Dr. Gerard history segments! You’ll still get the perks you signed up for if you already contributed, plus any extras that we add on for your levels. The next level is going to get us some better equipment for the show, and we think you’re going to notice the difference. We’re also putting those funds toward future upkeep costs, so we can sustain our hosting down the road a bit. Plus, we’ll commission a piece of art from MU artist-in-residence Ian McLean.


George sends us a message via Speakpipe (the thingy on the right side of the page!) asking how best to incorporate non-Mythos monsters into a campaign or game.

Sponsor Thanks

Steven and Aaron both sent in a donation before the IndieGoGo campaign started up. A big thank you for the help!

Cryptocurium Spot

This week we spotlight a limited run of a new Cthulhu Idol design from

Side Topic

For your sheer entertainment and edification, we discuss some of our worst flubs as Keepers. Facepalm.

Main Topic

This week’s main topic comes to us from Fox01313, who wanted to know what our favorite setting and resource books might be. Dan’s Pick: What else would you expect? Dan picks the Miskatonic University setting book. Great background for an Arkham sandbox game or flesh to hang on other adventures there. There’s also a good guidebook on MU to add to your library. Chad’s Pick: Though he mentions Kevin Ross’s excellent setting book Kingsport: City in the Mists, Chad focuses on the historical background of Mysteries of Tibet monograph, which will got an upgrade recently in its new incarnation as Secrets of Tibet. Jon’s Pick: Jon goes with the Lovecraft Dreamlands book, and along the way mentions an excellent map of the Dreamlands that he uses for inspiration. There’s also an interesting anatomy of a cartographer’s process here. Discuss what you heard on this show on our Campus Forums here.]]>

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