MU Podcast 047 – Starting 2014 the Hite way

In this first show of 2014, writer and game designer Kenneth Hite joins us for a stuff-filled episode, in which we visit a myriad of “huts,” including: Dangerous Mechanics, Chicago Rats and Other Horrors, The Nazi Occult, Batman, Supersmart NPCs, Ken’s Media Diet, 7th Edition, Suppressed Transmission, Unknown Armies, Blurry Photos, WildClaw Theatre, Mythos Expeditions, Deathless China, Out of the Woods, and the Dracula Dossier. Plus way more!

Campus Crier

Our own Jon Hook’s new book Starfall on the Plataea of Leng is up for pre-order from Goodman Games!

Backers of Chaosium’s Horror on the Orient Express Kickstarter got PDF proof copies of the books, which will be going to the printers later this month. If you want to buy it, it’s also available on the site for $1,199.50. 

We are also hosting a forum topic where any typos in he  found can be shared so they can be fixed before print!

Backers for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition got the adventure Dead Light.


We received a correction from Scott Dorward, and humbly offer an apology for the mistake:

One thing I should clarify: I’m only the line developer for World War Cthulhu, not The Laundry or Doctor Who (both of which come under the purview of Dominic McDowell). I hope to contribute to some of the other lines over time (I’ve already started writing some stuff for Cthulhu Britannica), but my focus is very much on World War Cthulhu.

If you haven’t already, please check out the excellent podcast Scott co-hosts with Paul Fricker and Matthew Sanderson, The Good Friends of Jackson Elias.

We got a voice mail from Cody in Indianapolis with a generous offer for GenCon 1014… We got an email from Wolf in Tübingen, Germany:

Shortly after I started playing a CoC campaign for the first time ever last May, I subscribed to your great podcast. Insightful, high production value, most of the time a good sound, nice hosts, pleasant voices and always good to understand – thank you very much for all of your time and work. This week, I listened to episode #35 from your back-catalogue and found you talked about movies which were inspired by HP Lovecraft. Last year, I pestered the kind guys of the Horror Etc Podcast, to do a show about the same topic – which they did. As I had provided them a (surely incomplete) chronological list of such movies. I’d like to send this to you, too, in case you might talk about this again, sometime. Best wishes and go pods! — Wolf P.S.: Which kind of sport would the Fighting Cephalopods play? P.p.S.: One episode of “100 years of Horror” had demon and Lovecraft movies as a topic. [Note, the list of movies was omitted in the show notes for space, but we’d be happy to post it on the forum for further discussion!]

We got a voice mail from Keeper Angelo, in which he showers us with compliments (we take these very seriously, folks) and mentions the bizarre oarfish that was discovered near Catalina Island.

We chose a random winner from a list of nearly 50 voice mails from listeners for our drawing to win a copy of Missed Dues and Other Adventures, a Chaosium monograph exclusively offered during GenCon 2013. In a stroke of weird serendipity, Keeper Angelo takes the prize!

Card Catalog 

Dan mentions a nice site for monster and myth inspiration called Creepy Pasta.

Ken mentions a good site for Greek mythology searches, The Theoi Project.


A quick mention this week for our irrepressible sponsor, Lovecraftian artist Cryptocurium. The 2014 Inner Sanctum has been released!

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Main Topic

We cover so much in this show, we’re still working on links to all the things Ken mentions. To start out, here are some of the topics we covered, with some links to whet the cogs of your imagination. A panel at Metatopia that Ken participated in called Dangerous Mechanics: Rules That Looked Good On The Surface The Nazi Occult, Ken’s now book about…oh you know. Ken’s Media Diet. Ken mentions Slender Man. Ken is currently GMing a SciFi game using Decipher’s Coda system. They created the history using the Microscope system. 7th Edition, a topic on which he also shared some thoughts with Dean at Cthulhu Reborn. Suppressed Transmission, an old project of Ken’s from his tenure at Steve Jackson Games. We also talk about his GURPS Horror book for GURPS 4th Edition. (Available in printed and PDF) Unknown Armies, a modern occult game. Tremulus, a Lovecraftian horror game based on the Dungeon World system. Blurry Photos, a podcast about cool weird things. Ken was on episode 38 talking the Nazi Occult. WildClaw Theatre’s production of The Shadow Over Innsmouth, for which Ken served as dramaturge. Mythos Expeditions, a forthcoming project from Pelgrane Press Deathless China, another project in the works from Pelgrane Press. The Dracula Dossier, a supplement for Ken’s spy-vampire game Night’s Black Agents from Pelgrane Press. This will be an improvisation framework for Night’s Black Agents in the same way The Armitage Files is for Trail of Cthulhu. And don’t forget Ken’s ongoing series- Ken Writes About Stuff, and his podcast with Robin D. Laws, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. We also learn that Murf is the bane of comic book stores in East Texas. Discuss this episode in the Campus Forum here.]]>

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