MU Podcast 045 – You got your Mythos in my Cyber Punk!

In episode 45, Keepers Dan, Jon and Murph chat with author, editor, and all around “Cthulhu Dude,” Brian Sammons. We talk about Italian horror cinema, the CyberPunk genre and gaming that can take place in it. We also get some news about things that Brian has in the works for the future.

Campus Crier

  • As mentioned in the last episode, Goodman Games is doing grab bags this holiday season that might include a new “Fog of Time” spell and hand-drawn sketch from Keeper Jon. This time, Jon’s on hand to talk about details.

  • Unspeakable! The Unspeakable Oath podcast has released a new episode! At GenCon 2013, Scott Glancy, Shane Ivey, and Ross Payton of the Unspeakable! podcast sat down with Robin Laws and Kenneth Hite of Trail of Cthulhu.


  • This week’s feedback kicks off with a voicemail from Keeper Angelo about how to use the Credit Rating skill in the game.

  • Bradley sent and email about a Lovecraftian video game Kickstarter called Machina Arcana.

Hi guys, long time listener here (since your first episode!) and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your program grow and become really, really slick, like moss-covered stone steps into the dim unknown depths of a hidden vault. Anyway, there is a Kickstarter project called Machina Arcana that uses more than a few mythos monsters in its bestiary. I’ve already seen Deep Ones and Flying Polyps in the demo videos. The game designers are obviously fans of Lovecraft, but they seem to have neglected to mention this fact. It’s a moderately priced project and should be within financial reach for those who are interested in a new twist of Mythos-y horror. – Bradley

  • William sent an email about Mythos and creepiness in New Orleans.

(Email excerpt) …I often photograph them often and I think you would find Metarie Cemetery very interesting. It was once a horse track but now the land is covered with some of the grandest mausoleums and crypts you will find in the entire country. … The city is below sea level. When it floods those coffins that are buried in the earth tend to pop out of the ground. Not only do they come out of the ground, but many of them open up and spill their contents. Yes, I have witnessed this driving around my small hometown after Katrina. I had to maneuver the family van around several remains of corpses that had spilled on to the road. I did use that in a horror adventure at one point in time, but not since I actually experienced it. Very horrifying to see decayed corpses, skeletons, and relatively fresh bodies laying in the path of the family truckster while your 5 year old and wife are screaming their heads off. Add to that the sun rapidly setting on a deserted two lane road surrounded by ancient oak trees, not a good place to be. Keep up the great shows they are awesome. — William

Card Catalog

This week’s online gem for CoC gamers is Project Gutenberg, which has tons of tomes for free, including The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara by John Dee.


This week, we’re promoting the Totem of the Wind Walker!

“A small pendant fashioned from mammoth ivory that depicts the Native-American mythical being known as “The Wind-Walker” and “Ithaqua”. According to legend, wearers of the totem were possessed by the spirit of Ithaqua and became imbued with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Scholars believe this to be the origin of the “Wendigo” legend. Item is currently housed in the Miskatonic University Special Collections Department.”

Main Topic

Brian Sammons gives us a sneak peek of the upcoming Eldritch Chrome book. Now available at Amazon!

There was also a lot of conversation about other appearances of the CyberPunk genre. This of course led to a talk about ShadowRun, both in tabletop and the new ShadowRun Returns game for computer/handheld. While not discussed on the show, here’s the link to the Arcology Podcast, all about ShadowRun.

The conversation also led to Punktown, in both its fiction and RPG forms.

Another good example of the genre that includes a heavy dose of Mythos is CthulhuTech.

Donald Pleasence is brought up

We were also introduced to the genre of Giallo films by Brian, a long-time film fan.

The first Giallo film Brian recommends is Deep Red. Another good one is Phenomena.

Future projects Brian is working on-

Call of Cthulhu RPG- Blood Brothers 3

Fiction Anthologies- SteamPunk Cthulhu

Atomic Age Cthulhu

Reanimator! The Campus Forum topic about this episode can be found here.


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