MU Podcast 040 – Bugs in the Journo's Belfry

In episode 40, we’re spooling up the time machine to investigate how news and media worked in the Jazz age and beyond. Then, we take a trip back to the Bestiary’s secret laboratory to dissect the Insects from Shaggai.

Campus Crier

Charles Stross has a new Novella out called Equoid available to read for free at This is a continuation of his Laundry  Files series and is an excellent read which features H.P. Lovecraft prominently.

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules PDF is available to the public!

Raiders of Ryleh successfully funded with a total of $28,221.

Oscar Rios’s Island of Ignorance has reached the final phases and will have been in the printer’s hands for almost a week by the time you are hearing this. This puts Golden Goblin on track to have the books out on schedule. Congratulations Oscar and the entire team at Golden Goblin.

Brian Sammons has an article up on Innsmouth Free Press listing out his four favorite podcasts, and generously places MUP among them. Thanks for the kind words Brian!


Announcing a contest sponsored by Cryptocurium! As we mentioned in the Crier, for one week at a time Cryptocurium is offering exclusive items in Nyarlathotep’s Bazaar, never to be seen again. And we’re giving one away! We have the item that just ended, the Eye of Azathoth Ouija Board. Includes a glow-in-the-dark Nightgaunt planchette. (Board measures 12″ x 15″)

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Card Catalog

This episode’s awesome online resource for Keepers is: Cthulhu Reborn. Check it out — there’s character sheets, scenarios, and lots of other goodies for free!


In this installment of our monster mansion segment, we get close and personal with the those 10-legged space-faring refugee vermin, the Shan. Check out the Wiki article here. And another image at Yog-Blogsoth.

Somehow along the way, we mention a bunch of films starring Denzel Washington, including the tangentially-related Fallen. Another thing that Dan thought of later on after recording, is that the Shan can be used much the same as the Goa’uld on Stargate: SG-1.

Cryptocurium Newsflash

Nyarlathotep’s Bazaar has arrived with the Equinox! Six weeks of new limited edition items each available for ONE WEEK ONLY brought to you by everyone’s favorite traveling showman!

It started with an Esoteric Order of Dagon hoodie, then the Eye of Azathoth Ouija Board, now it has a Yig artifact in a shadow box.


Murph gives us a quick preview of Chaosium’s Undead and Unbound book of Lovecraftian fiction.

Main Topic

This week’s topic comes to us from Jacek, via our Google Plus page.

“Could you guys delve more into how news were made back in the 1920? How radio/press worked, how fast the news spread in different parts of the world. What are the differences between now and then and such? We had discussion during our last game about how fast and what type of info can reach press.”

You bet, Jacek!

Hold on to your press badges, because we mentioned a sheaf of links that you can check out for further investigation. History House has a nice overview of various news events in history, and how long it took for London papers to print the stories. By the 1920’s worldwide telegraph networks and the Transatlantic Cable made news delivery pretty fast — inside of 24-hours if the story is newsworthy.

We also talk about the history of radio news, and the fast-talking Floyd Gibbons. For a look at changes in radio news delivery, check out this overview, or this one!

We also delve into the development of newsreels after the “talkie” revolution in cinema.

In yet another meander, we talk about the development of late night radio, and how it spawned such strange children of the night as Joe FrankDr. Demento, Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM.

In discussing the state of current journalism, we mention this depressing site that is tracking the decline of printed newspapers.

Unicron image by Venksta.


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