Miskatonic University Podcast 019 – Smooth or Pulpy?

This week’s show dredges up an old debate in the Call of Cthulhu community – between the “pulp” and “purist” styles of play. We also preview another proposed 7th Edition rule; changes in the Luck stat and how it might be used in the game. Then, we’ll visit the Special Collections vault and crack open a copy of the Theosophist bestseller – The Book of Dzyan. The plugin that gives the download link seems to have stopped working, so here is a direct link to the file. Campus Crier Voting for the Celia’s Celia giveaway is closed, and we’re announcing Mythos Babies as a clear winner! Congratulations, Ian MacLean (Nvision on the forum) for your incredibly awesome and pro-quality entry. This is truly an unforgettable image. Note: the hosts did not know the winner of the contest at recording time, as it was before the last day of voting. Thanks very much to the runners-up who submitted “Welcome to Leng” and “Cthulhu Family.” Both of those entries were very much in the spirit of the contest and both suggest a pretty sinister backstory. We mention the MU Radio station, where you can stream a constant shuffle of our content or pick out individual elements. Another push for help with our CrowdTilt fundraiser for server costs and better sound equipment. And a big thank you to Hugh for his generous donation! Thanks also to Andy Y from the AIE and AIE Podcast for his contribution. We also thank our new sponsor, Audible.com, which will help lots with the aforementioned costs. There’s plenty of great Lovecraftian and horror content on there for us to recommend, so it seems like a great fit. If you sign up, you get a free book out of the deal and we get a kickback that we will use to boost show quality. Go buy all of the things. We answer an email from Tyler asking whether BRP could be used to bring the worlds of the Dresden Files and Call of Cthulhu. A resounding “yes!” and tips for how to make it work. We hear a voice mail message from Doctor Domino, who provides some insight into the identity of The Whisperer in the Darkness. Thanks for the feedback! Seventh Edition Segment As we continue our survey of new 7E rules, in this week’s installment we discuss how Luck is derived and spent. We don’t want to publish anything concrete in print about any of these rules, so you’ll just have to listen to the show! Our Miskatonic University History Lecture Series this week is a field trip to “Brazil’s Alien City.” Side Topic: Special Collections Then, down in the moldering basement of the Orne Library’s Special Collections, we find a copy of the Book of Dzyan, a text that Theosophical movement founder Helana Blavatsky claimed she’d read in Tibet. Lovecraft mentioned this book in only two of his stories, The Haunter of the Dark and a collaboration with William Lumley called The Diary of Alonso Typer. We mention many possible tie-ins, including Venus, Atlantis, The Continent of Mu, Lemuria, Leng and the Dreamlands. Keeper Murf mentions that Theosophy figures prominently in the beginning of Masks of Nyarlathotep, which concerns the Eye of Amara Society that has connections to the movement. And we play an excerpt from the first episode of a new interview series, “Inside the Cultist Circle.” Keeper Dan invokes Hot Fuzz, a British horror-comedy that explores some cult-related paranoia. Main Topic: Pulp vs. Purist For the main topic this week, we chat about the differences between what has come to be known as the pulp and purist flavors of Lovecraftian gaming. We would also love to hear your ideas for topics for us to talk about. Send us a note directly, or go to the Campus forum with your ideas! Here is the discussion thread on the Campus forum, and this is the discussion thread for this podcast posted on the Yog-Sothoth forums.]]>

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