Ebon Eaves Live Play – Prologue: Character Gen & World Building

Miskatonic University Podcast Actual Play Presents: Ebon Eaves, a semi-improvised adventure for Tremulus, the Lovecraft-inspired horror role playing game based on the Apocalypse World engine. The game and playset are by Sean Preston. This Live Play was recorded in April 2014 (!), and held in cold storage for several years due the highly sensitive nature of the material and also because lazy. All delays in getting these episodes released are the sole responsibility of Keeper Chad. In this prologue episode, the players discuss character generation, the network of trust between characters, and world building. This is a great way to begin learning how the mechanics of Tremulus work, but if you just want to find out what happens, skip to Episode 1 now. Learn more about Tremulus here >>

Our players:

Randall as Keeper Jim as Doctor Franklin Woodward Max as Travelin’ Jason Freeley EddyPo as Detective Tommy Stone Chad as Antiquarian Peter Strand And Rob as Professor Grant The theme song, “Come Out And Play,” by DesperateMeasurez, is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.]]>

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