MUP 117 – This Old Factory


MUP_117-This_Old_Factory-800In this episode, all four hosts are on deck to spitball Dan’s par-baked scenario pitch involving a mysterious abandoned building. This episode was recorded on, February 20, 2017.

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The Dreaming Ward – Paid $5 a night for a three-night dream study, you are under the care of a university hospital. What could possibly go wrong? Set in the classic H.P. Lovecraft 1930s. (4 hrs; 6 players)

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Cult of Chaos Convention Scenario Competition 2017

Round One Results
Since launching the scenario competition in early January we’ve been bowled over by the number and range of entries coming from the steadfast members of the Cult of Chaos. By the first round deadline, we had over 100 pitches submitted! Many with amazing ideas, cunning schemes, and diabolical events! We’d like to thank everyone who submitted a pitch.

Our aim was to find a handful of scenarios that could be played within a 4 hour slot at a convention, so keeping the plot sharp and to be point was essential. We were also looking for cool ideas and set ups that would translate well to convention style play. Of course, many of the entries delivered these things in spades! Working down the entries to a short list was difficult and then deciding which would go through to the second round was even harder. Nevertheless, here are the entries we’d like to see fully written up for the second round:

“As the Leaf Withers from the Vine” by IbnSchacabao
“The Kids are Alright?” by JasonDAngelo
“Midnight Masquerade” by eddypo (PULP)
“Inner Demons” by FrancisThurston1926
“A Tainted Spectrum” by FatBuddha
“A Weekend in the Woods” by Matt Ryan
“Search for the Rheingold” by Skye666
“Back in the G.D.R.” by AcolyteMark
‘When Pigs Fly” by morganhua
“At the Cowtowns of Madness” by JasonMical
“Those Within” by xthawx

Congratulations to all!

Mike also wanted gave special mentions to the following pitches and their authors:
“The Lonely Coastal Route” – Orsson
“Bryn Y Ddraig Du” – Mark Durston
“Devil’s Cave” – trevlix
“A Cold Wind Blows” – serquet
“Sure and Certain Hope” – keepermurf
“Powers of the Air” – Rigel

Listener Feedback!

5 stars in iTunes by GSedg from USA on February 13, 2017
Influential! This podcast is so good that it got me into Call of Cthulhu. I was considering the game, then listened to a few episodes of MU, and their informative, fun approach convinced me to try CoC, and I’m very thankful. Great stuff, gentlemen.

Thank you Gsedg!

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Cool creepy example: Skin And Bones, recorded on 5/5/1949.


The crew riffs on Dan’s partial idea for the Chaosium Con Scenario contest. Below is the basic premise as written by Dan.

Group of urban explorers.

They are prepared to enter into a secluded abandoned unmarked building, thought to be a factory from the 20s or 30s. Research on the location comes up with nothing but second hand accounts. They could find no official documentation on the address apart from city records of tresspasses and arrests. There were a few documents about companies trying to buy the property for rebuilding, but those never got past the initial offer stage. The offers all dropped away not long after.

The building is a tall brick and metal structure with some art deco designs at the corners and around the door and window frames.
The roof is pitched steeply, with several large round brick chimneys visible from the ground.

If looked at from above, then there can be seen that the building is in an L shape, with a group of 4 chimneys in the shorter branch, and two in the longer. The end of the longer branch appears to be the main entrance.

There is a very large doorway in the front, and smaller person doors on each side of the large hanger-like door.
Much of the glass in the large door appears intact, though some has been broken out. The doors and windows that are under 20 feet up have boards nailed over them.

There are brackets and padlocks on both of the person doors on this end, as well as boards nailing the large doors together. There are No Trespassing signs posted liberally around the area.

The scenario starts with the group already within the fence perimeter and standing in a stairwell that is open to the sky leading down to a lower level of the building. There is a door here that is open.

The building is very large, dark, and maze-like. Hallways, catwalks, and rooms of various or unknown use are everywhere.

Since there were no building plans available through any of the means the group tried, they have no idea of the layout. There are no records of any other exploration groups going in here either.

As far as anyone is aware, this is a virgin exploration.

Here are a few resources for this kind of activity we found-

Gear Guide: What to Take on an Urban Exploration

As Above, So Below

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