Masks of Nyarlathotep Live Play Session 6

Here it is guys the long awaited 6th part of the Masks of Nyarlathotep Live Play. Sorry for the long delay, but things got in the way. This is the first session we have using Google Hangouts, we also have an audio feed for those who don’t want to view our horrendous faces. This was recorded quite a while ago, and now I have an insane backlog to get up to you guys. Episode 7 should hit in a little bit.

I hope you guys enjoy it as we have had a lot of fun doing this so far. Also, it is recorded at 4 or 5 am my time, so Bob and I look like hell everytime. The other guys being strange foreigners are not so bad. 😉

As always be wary if you have children, I tend to curse a lot during live plays.

Hope you enjoy.