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Ennie 2018 Voting is Open!

The voting is open for the 2018 Ennies! Click the link below to go to the primary voting site. Or click the second link to go straight to the Podcast category. 😉 read more

The POV of a Female Gamer-and-Newbie-Keeper

There was a very nicely written piece by listener of the show Christine Fisher that she posted to the MUP Google+ group. She said that we could re-post this here so it will get some additional visibility. Christine Fisher  Jun 8, 2:52 PM I just listened to MUP 146, the Women in Tabletop Gaming interview. Understandably, Chaosium is more focused on getting females to contribute material with this series.... read more

Call for Audio Segment Pitches

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:03 — 1.3MB)Subscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS Hello! As mentioned before, we’re making some minor changes to the Miskatonic University Podcast, with a shorter editor-friendly show format. Given the brevity of topic discussion, we’d love to add some little extra audio segments to the shows. So if you have any of your own ideas for 3 to 5... read more

Holiday Update: Please Stand By!

Happy Holidays, MU Nation! Keeper Chad here. We just wanted to drop a note to say that the latest recorded episode is recorded but still in the works — aaand we’ve had some technical difficulties, so there’s going to be a delay. Sneak preview: we talk about the recently announced Miskatonic Repository and its implications. Thanks in advance for your patience. Dan used some colorful... read more

Episode 125 fixed

There were some audio issues on 125 that I missed in the edit. I re-uploaded the fixed file to the same location and I’m going to re-post the episode so the feeds should refresh. read more

Next MU Episode Delayed Due to Sick

Hello MU Nation! This is just a quick post to let you know that our intrepid captain and editor, Dan, caught the creeping crud – so Episode 116 will be delayed. The episode is already recorded, but it still needs all Dan’s wizardry and dark arts before it gets fully birthed and dispatched to your ear holes. Want to know what’s in store? We listened to all of the One Minute of Horror... read more

The Derelict – available at participating game stores for Free RPG Day, June 18th

Chaosium is showcasing their new Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition rules by participating in Free RPG Day, (, this year. Established in 2007, Free RPG Day’s goal is support the gaming hobby and introduce role-playing games to a wider audience. The Derelict is Chaosium’s contribution to this year’s event, and the scenario is written by the Great Old One himself, Sandy... read more

What happened to 101?

Hey everyone, Dan here. I’m sorry for the delays. We have episodes 101 and 102 recorded, I just have to finish the edits and do show notes. Work hours have been rather chaotic since releasing 100, so we’ll be playing catch-up with releases. We are recording them though, so stay tuned to your podcatcher! read more

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