MUP Live Play- The Ilsley Variant: Part 1. Character generation and play

The MU Podcast crew have started up a Call of Cthulhu game, and what kind of podcast would we be if we didn’t record it for your listening enjoyment?

Keeper Jon is running this particular game. It’s a published scenario called the ILSLEY VARIANT, from the Dead Leaves Fall monograph published by Chaosium. Print Version   PDF Version

Episode 1 covers creating our investigators, and beginning play of the adventure.

We play for a 2 hour stretch, but literally half of the recording was silence as we read options to create our characters. So you get the condensed version.
You can find our character sheets here: Wally and Richard
Wally’s character sheet is courtesy of Dean on his web site Cthulhu Reborn.

These episodes will be released as they are edited, so don’t necessarily expect a regular schedule for them.

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